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Spotify’s Playlists vs. Radio; FLAC & the Future of Audio Streaming; Apple Music, Now with Videos


Spotify’s Playlists Are More Powerful Than
But how will the company cash in?

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FLAC and the Future of Audio
FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codex. It is a file format that provides bit-perfect copies of CD music but that are half the size.

Apple music videos

Apple adds music videos to its Apple Music streaming
Apple Music is expanding its catalogue… with music videos. From today, Apple will have a catalogue of music videos — including curated playlists.

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Pandora takes on Spotify with dozens of personalized playlists built using its Music

Just ahead of Spotify’s public debut planned for early April, Pandora is punching its rival where it hurts: personalized playlists.

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How the music industry could benefit from data technology
This is the first piece of our Strategy Series, which will look at the paths to building decentralised infrastructure for the intellectual property industries.

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IDAGIO Product Director Bas Grasmayer about the challenge of classical music

“A lot of the excitement is in the challenge itself. We all value autonomy, so it’s important to me that all the team members are able to make decisions independently with the confidence that it makes sense in the context of the greater whole.”

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Taylor Swift exclusive video puts Spotify back in her
Taylor Swift’s long-dormant feud with Spotify seems to be officially over, with the pop star launching a music video for “Delicate” only on Spotify.

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SoundCloud Rap Has Its First №1 Album — Now What?
XXXTentacion’s №1 album: What is its significance for the future of SoundCloud rap, or is it the beginning of the end?


How Spotify can help artists & labels reach more
For a long time now I’ve thought there is something missing from Spotify. Namely the ability for content creators, rights holders, record labels, publishers and more to reach their fans via advertising to Spotify’s audience of 159 million monthly active users.

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Amazon India Inks Three New Partnerships For Amazon Prime Music
Strengthening its Prime music catalogue further, Amazon India has signed three content deals for Amazon Prime Music with Lahari Music, Muzik 247 and the Indian Performing Right Society.

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AI-driven data could be the music industry’s best marketing
The music industry is learning a new rhythm through the instrument of artificial intelligence. AI is revolutionizing insights and business strategies and fine-tuning the way we work, connect, learn, and play around the world.

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Spotify changes the music industry’s
Many recording industry figures say the streaming revolution, led by Spotify, crippled the commercial logic of recording music as a profession.

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On Content

Spotify’s personalized Discover Weekly playlists, Netflix’s sub-genres like “Critically Acclaimed Fight-the-System TV Shows,” and Facebook’s algorithmic newsfeed are each attempts to answer the question of how we curate content.

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Streaming has changed the way that songs are
New research suggests that song titles are shorter because of our “shorter attention spans”.



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