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Spotify’s ‘Self-Driving Music’ Strategy; The Rise and Fall of Hype Machine; Vintage TV Is Nashville-Bound

Why Spotify Thinks Its ‘Self-Driving Music’ Strategy Will Benefit
During its first investor day on Thursday (Mar. 15), Spotify not only announced that its shares would begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange on April 3, but also tried to convince investors that the growth opportunities on the horizon for the company — and for the music industry at large — expanded far beyond streaming alone.

The Rise and Fall of Hype Machine, the Internet’s Forgotten

From starting one of the most popular music websites of the 2000s to struggling to keep the lights on, Hype Machine’s founder explains what happened.

Audiomack just solved music
Streaming Music is a tough business. Just ask MOG. Or Guvera. Or Grooveshark. Or Milk Music. Or Rhapsody. Or Beats Music. Or iHeart Radio. The streaming music space is littered with the corpses of the last-next-great thing. Why? Put simply, music is expensive, and as companies scale, profits get eaten by royalties.

Vintage TV Is Nashville-Bound Following Canadian
Vintage TV, the U.K.’s 24-hour all-genre music television channel with a monthly reach of 10 million homes, recently expanded into Canada and China and now has its sights on the U.S.

SXSW 2018: Label Execs, Startup Founders Discuss Barriers to Innovation for New Music Experiences
As recently as two years ago, the music-tech landscape seemed stagnant, if not treacherous. Industry insiders pointed to falling valuations and a slowdown in venture funding as evidence of a “music-tech bubble” and a “music startup meltdown.”

Spotify Shuts Down Major Third-Party Service After Playlist
In the wake of an investigation by the Daily Dot, Spotify has shut down a third-party service responsible for one of the biggest pay-for-play schemes taking place on the platform.

Smart contracts for the music

Now blockchain technology has the potential to allow for a seamless and equitable experience for creatives and those listening to music.

Huawei reveals streaming music and cloud service for
Huawei says it will launch six new cloud based services in South Africa in 2018, including a streaming music and a mobile payment platform.

Three Questions Concerning Spotify’s Direct Listing
As everyone was in holiday mode a few weeks ago in December, Spotify confidentially filed documents with the SEC to go public, likely in Q1 of 2018. Previously, I discussed Spotify’s numbers and…

Will lack of curiosity kill the catalogue?
Investing in artist and album development and sticking with an act through thick and thin is paying dividends in the streaming age. So will the modern focus on short-term success and single tracks cause problems further down the line?

8 Best Radio Apps For Android To Stream Online Music In
Smartphones come with a built-in radio app that can play only local FM stations. However, there are a lot of other admirable radio apps for Android for online music streaming from stations all around the globe. This list reviews 8 best Android radio apps.

Why Spotify’s Investors Seem To Have Little Confidence In Its
Spotify’s upcoming direct listing looks to be about avoiding the underwriting fee of an IPO, but the lack of a lock-up period may be more significant.

Tom Connaughton, Former Vevo Exec, Joins Spotify U.K. as Head of Artist & Label
Connaughton joins Spotify just ahead of its April 3 debut on the New York Stock Exchange.

Sony Music Australia signs a new distribution deal with UNIFIED Music
Sony Music Entertainment Australia has signed a new global distribution deal with UNIFIED Music Group that commenced on March 1, 2018.



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