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Stationhead app uses Spotify API to rethink live
“We’ve built Pump Up The Volume! That’s all you need to know about Stationhead. Our slogan is ‘talk hard’ because a kid and a voice can impact the world.”

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How Spotify is finally gaining leverage over record
That’s why over the past few years, Spotify has been pushing five different paths to putting pressure on the labels to cut it a better royalties deal. They..


Music for the Snapchat generation: conceptualizing Music
Whether you’ve ever used Snapchat or not, you have felt the influence of the social app’s design choices. How will it shape the future of music? Snapchat is

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This new digital music store could change the way we pay
Paolo Fragomeni can play half a dozen instruments and owned around 4,500 LP records and a thousand 45s at the peak of his vinyl collection. When wanderlust took over, he digitized his entire…

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Rock ’N’ Roll Is Dead. No Really This
Gone are the days of changing the world with three chords and the truth. Now you’ll need three chords, the truth, and an engineer’s ability to make your song sound like the radio.

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Music streamers need

In many respects, there is little to distinguish one music streaming service from another except perhaps their audiences — and they need to do more on understanding these.

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Spotify is testing adding video to its curated
Spotify’s ambitions for original video content now include integrating those videos into its most popular playlists, judging by a test on RapCaviar.

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Timothy Malcolm: Streaming services aren’t very helpful to classical music

“All classical music isn’t 200 years old.”That’s what the “duh, come on guys” girl voicing the Spotify commercial told me recently while listening to the streaming service.She’s right, all classical music isn’t 200 years old, and Spotify is making a concerted effort to educate its younger listeners to this very fact.

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Opinion: Taylor Swift’s Streaming Service Would Not be Successful
The world doesn’t need another streaming service. Between Spotify, Apple Music and the more niche Tidal, consumers already have enough options to choose from to listen to and download their music. Listeners shouldn’t be expected to spread themselves across so many platforms. If the goal for artists is to make streaming services profitable, then the…

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Spotify considered ending Uber partnership amid mounting
As criticism of Uber has mounted over the past month, one of its most prominent partners has discussed whether to continue its relationship with the company.


Court rules iHeart online music streaming doesn’t violate Ga.
The Georgia Supreme Court has ruled iHeart Radio’s internet radio services are exempt from a Georgia statute that makes it illegal to transfer sound recordings without the owner’s consent.

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Analysis Of How Users Of Each Streaming Music Service
Given that the content made available on streaming services is largely the same from platform to platform, what actually differentiates them? This article explores the role of audience, and the role they play in setting streaming services apart from each other.

Apple music

Zane Lowe: ‘There are no stories to be told on a playlist alone’
Apple Music’s Zane Lowe was one of the SXSW keynotes this week, and his speech included a reference to the ‘storytelling’ theme from recent conferences.

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Artificial Intelligence And Its Place In The Music
Drew Silverstein CEO of Amper Music, a music composition platform run entirely by artificial intelligence, shares his thoughts on the future of AI in music, and how it will continue to shape the music industry as we move forward.



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