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Stevie Nicks Blocks ‘Dreams’ NFT; ‘Vinyls’ is Apple Music’s Minimalist New App; Duran Duran Drop 5 Albums on Streaming Platforms

Stevie Nicks reportedly blocks use of ‘Dreams’ for an
Well, of course that guy on the skateboard who made that Fleetwood Mac song go viral on TikTok is now selling that video as a non-fungible token. Nathan Apodaca is hoping to trouser at least $500k from the NFT sale of his 23-second video, although there’s one wrinkle: it won’t include ‘Dreams’.

‘Vinyls’ is a minimalist new app for Apple Music
Vinyls is a minimalist app that displays a spinning vinyl when playing a song, and it’s built for Apple Music subscribers.

How Social Media and UGC Could Decide the Future of the Music
UGC & social media are being pegged as the industry’s next big opportunity. But are rightsholders, technology systems & licensing infrastructures prepared?

Inside ‘Black Market’ Where Artists Can Pay for Millions of

Digital marketer Joshua Mack brags on call with high-powered management company about the ability to “manipulate” streaming systems to “hit astronomical numbers”.

How Ice Cream Can Help Make Sense of Streaming
Dreamstage founder Thomas Hesse on how the $10 streaming model created an incentive to get a critical mass of music lovers to subscribe to DSPs, though it’s probably not fair for the long term.

Surprise! YouTube is the most popular music streaming
YouTube is the biggest music streaming service in the world, with its scale — both in terms of its overall users and the more than two billion people who specifically consume music on it.

What Epidemic Sound’s Recent Funding Means for Music

Long story short, we’re growing — big time. We sat down with Chief of Music, Niklas Brantberg, to get the low down on what this week’s news means for our music creators.

Duran Duran Drop Five Classic Albums on Streaming
Duran Duran fans got an earful this weekend, when five of the British band’s albums dropped on streaming platforms for the first time.

‎Jad Abumrad debuts Everything. Together. Radio on Apple Music

One of the Godfathers of the Podcasting Revolution, Jad is the host/creator of award-winning shows such as Radiolab and Dolly Parton’s America. Abumrad has combined cutting-edge sound design and a cinematic approach to exploring the “Big Questions.”

Country music star Brad Cox launches radio show on Apple

Sony Music Australia-signed country artist Brad Cox is having a crack at radio, fronting a new show on one of Apple Music’s around the clock stations.

Warner Music Group co-produces BBC Sounds podcast with more formats in
Songs To Live By is a new podcast celebrating Black voices hosted by Radio 1’s Vick Hope. Read on for full details of the collaboration between the BBC and Warner Music Group…

Making Money in the Metaverse — What Musicians Need to
NFTs. Cryptocurrency. What is the metaverse? Assets in the ‘digital world’ have real-world value. Here’s what it could mean for artists.

The future of creativity is audio: The Drum and Spotify podcast

The Drum and Spotify have launched a special three-part podcast series themed around the ‘Future of Audio.’

Apple expands its ‘Up Next’ program for emerging
Apple is expanding the program for individual regions, kicking off with the US, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Mexico, Russia, India, Canada, Australia, South Africa and China.

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