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Stop Blaming Streaming Services for the Music You Don’t Like; SiriusXM’s New $8 Plan Takes the Service Beyond the Car

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Stop Blaming Streaming Services For The Music You Don’t
The rise of services like Spotify and Apple Music has led to a new scapegoat for the music that draws the ire of critics.

SiriusXM’s New $8 Plan Takes the Service Beyond the
Subscribers to the new plan can listen on mobile phones and smart speakers, but not car stereos.

How One Music Startup Is Empowering Crate-Digging Producers to Sample Without the
Musical-library startup Tracklib wants to empower producers big and small to dig into its digital crates — simply, legally and without a hassle.

Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Finally Joins Spotify and Apple

Three years after its release, Beyonce’s Lemonade album has been added to streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music.

Apple Is the Real Winner in Spotify’s Appeal of Songwriters’ Rate
By sitting out the appeal against a songwriter rate hike led by Spotify, Google, SiriusXM and Amazon, Apple wins by doing nothing.

Are podcasts killing music or just wasting our time?

I’m about to kick a hornet’s nest — and if this were a podcast, you would now hear the crunch of a boot perforating a hive, followed by the intensifying hum of inconvenienced hornets.

DotMusic Limited wins rights to .Music domain name
The expected launch for .Music is 2020

Amazon Music’s Free Tier Is More Advertising Play Than Spotify Killer, Analysts
Analysts say that Amazon’s move into free streaming music is more of an advertising play than an attempt to take on Spotify and Apple Music.

Stream-Ripping: What Are YouTube, Spotify & Deezer Doing About it?

In recent years, so-called ‘stream-ripping’ has been labeled the music industry’s most serious piracy threat. Interestingly, however, new figures suggest that the number of people engaged in the practice appears to be on the decline.

YouTube Says 2019 Coachella Week 1 Live Streams Hit Record
YouTube touted a record-breaking audience for its exclusive live-streaming of 2019 Coachella’s first weekend, with views up over 90%.

Spotify’s New Ad Metrics Reveal What Happens After A

While Spotify’s Ad Studio feature (available to artists since 2017) has proven to be effective as a promotional tool, the behind the scenes of why was something of a mystery, at least until now.

Maybe It’s Finally Time to Say Goodbye to Your CD
Jerry Del Colliano looks back at the era of the CD…



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