Streaming Exclusives are Over; Who Can Buy Spotify?

Good morning. We’re closing in on our 100th edition of the daily digest, which is very exciting. Great links to spotlight this morning, especially our lead story about the end of streaming exclusives. As always there is Spotify news to discuss, including the company’s US headquarters move to 4 WTC in NYC.

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Streaming Exclusives are Over — 
 The Verge recently ran a poll of readers, asking them about streaming exclusives in the wake of Lucian Grainge of Universal’s directive to stop the practice. Customer sentiment could not be more…

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Measuring sound: how data and streaming is impacting the music industry — 
 From Spotify to Deezer to Apple Music to Pandora, streaming services continue to disrupt our musical landscape. The streams of data they generate, however, will have the biggest impact on the music industry.

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Building the Music Company of Tomorrow — 
 Until a few years ago, ticketing and music streaming existed in entirely separate verticals. Since the late ’00s, dozens of ticketing companies have sprouted to challenge the traditional ways venues…

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Four Companies That Could Buy Spotify — 
 For much of 2016 it looked nailed on that Spotify would IPO in 2017 and that the recorded music industry would move onto its next chapter, for better or for worse. The terms of Spotify’s $1 billion debt raise (which mean that Spotify pays an extra 1% on its 5% annual interest payments every six…

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Spotify signs massive lease at 4 World Trade Center —

Spotify will soon be streaming its New York headquarters to Larry Silverstein’s 4 World Trade Center, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced this afternoon. The world’s leading music-streaming company has signed a mega-lease for 378,000 square feet on floors 62–72 of Larry Silverstein’s skyscraper.

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Sonos is Keeping its Enemies Very Close — 
 Sonos’ latest venture is making noise in the wireless home audio space — materializing in the shape of artificial intelligence integration.


Ticketmaster App Updated With Apple Music Integration to Track Concerts — 
 Ticketmaster today updated its iOS app with Apple Music integration, allowing users to easily track upcoming concerts they might be interested in….


Music streaming: The now of digital marketing — 
 In today’s competitive world, brands are tapping into new ways of becoming more accessible and relevant to their consumers. Eclipse Public Relations says some are turning to music streaming networks to differentiate themselves from their competition.

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Vertigo now lets Apple Music members share playlists with friends on Spotify — 
 The music-sharing iOS app is now cross-platform, creating a bridge between Apple Music and Spotify.

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Music in Marketing — Balancing Creativity and Copyright — 
 Michael Iarrobino, Product Manager at Copyright Clearance Center talks about understanding and simplifying music copyright licensing with technology

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What Big Tech’s Quarterly Reports Say About the Future of Music — 
 The past week brought a slew of high-level financial filings from tech and music companies — from which we read the tea leaves.

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