Streaming Has Made Movie Soundtracks Better Than Ever; Amazon Promo Gets You Unlimited Music Streaming for 25¢ a Month

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From ‘Baby Driver’ to ‘Atomic Blonde’, Streaming Has Made Movie Soundtracks Better Than Ever — 
 Thanks to playlists, anyone can make a soundtrack — even directors. Now 2017 is the best soundtrack year in decades.

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YouTube loses ground on US subscription music streaming in first six months of 2017 —

The volume of subscription streams on the likes of Spotify and Apple Music jumped by more than 69% in the US during the first half of this year to 141.3bn — dramatically outperforming the number of online music video streams in the same period.

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How technology is enabling advertisers to connect with a highly engaged radio audience —

Although our lives are dominated by a myriad of screens, along with an ever-increasing selection of audio and video streaming services, it appears that the radio star is alive and well.

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Killer Amazon promo gets you unlimited music streaming for 25¢ a month — 
 Pretty much every big tech brand has its own streaming music service now, from Apple and Google to Microsoft. There are also still a bunch of dedicated music streaming services, such as Spotify, Tidal, and Pandora.

Theres a setting in spotify that makes your music sound better  heres how to turn it on

How do I make Spotify sound better? — 
 Are you a paid Spotify subscriber? If so, we’ve got good news: There’s a setting to make your music sound even better.

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How to stream music all around your house — 
 If you want to get your music streaming all over your home, you’ve got a lengthy list of devices and platforms to pick from. We can help you pick the one that’s right for your house.

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A generative model for music track playlists — 
 Our mission at iHeartRadio is to deliver the music you’ll love when you want it. In the data science group, this often translates to a recommendation task over live stations or track playlists, and…

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Discovering Music: The Case For (and Against) Algorithms — 
 With streaming offering over 100M tracks available, a question: how on Earth do you sift through all this music, without losing your soul?

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How to find new music —

We all like to think we’re taste-makers when it comes to finding new music, imagining ourselves playlist aficionados who deftly create soundscapes to perfectly fit our lives of wild after-parties and pensive train journeys.