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Streaming is Changing Songs; Musician Tips Goes Digital With DipJar; A Radical Solution to Spotify’s Biggest Problems

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How streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal is changing
New metrics are changing the way musicians are making music.

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Musician Tips Goes Digital With DipJar Pilot Program In
Austin, Texas, is launching a pilot program that will let fans digitally tip their favorite musicians.

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SiriusXM Adds 174,000 Satellite Radio, 64,000 Pandora Subs in Second
Audio entertainment giant SiriusXM, the home of Howard Stern, added 174,000 satellite radio subscribers and 64,000 Pandora subscribers in the second quarter.

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A Radical Solution to Spotify’s Biggest Problems — and the Record Industry’s

What if the major music companies teamed with Merlin — the body that represents the recorded interests of the largest independent labels worldwide — and raised the capital to buy Spotify?


One of the last remaining music streaming holdouts has

Tool has said that its catalog will finally be available to stream and to purchase digitally on August 2nd.

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AI in the music industry is nothing to be scared of — it’s a step towards an exciting new
Mubert’s Alexey Kochetkov enters the debate over human versus algorithmic music creation

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Sony Music Revenue Up 11%, Streaming Soars 27% in First
Sony Music Entertainment’s revenue is up 11% year-over-year in the first fiscal quarter of 2019, with streaming revenue soaring 27%.

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Spotify, YouTube, and others get reimagined as retro anime
One artist has imagined what the internet’s biggest services would look like if they were made for a bygone analogue era, whether it’s an Instagram-branded Polaroid camera, or a Spotify cassette player.


Apple Music free trial could be shortened from three months to one:
Is Apple planning to cut its Apple Music trial short?

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Spotify wanted to take on Netflix with Spotify

Everyone’s trying to take on Netflix.

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Vodafone’s ‘My Muze’ Music Streaming App Quietly Surpasses One Million Downloads in South
Vodafone’s ‘My Muze’ music streaming and download app has reached over a million installs on the Play Store following its launch in April.

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The Curious Timing Of Corporate Bio Book ‘Spotify Untold’

Currently only available in Swedish, Spotify Untold recounts the “hero’s journey” of Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. Chris Castle explores the curious timing of the book’s release and its correlated US book tour.

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How Many Streams Is a T-Shirt Worth? Breaking Down Chart
There’s more data about music consumption than ever before. That doesn’t mean we understand who’s the most popular.

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