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Streaming Jazz on the Installment Plan; Neal Casal Tribute Concert Livestream; Music Biz Shouldn’t Wait to Give Lost Gems Streaming Push

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Streaming Jazz on the Installment
The revenue for physical music has been in decline for nearly a decade, and musicians haven’t reaped the benefits so far from the rise of online streaming.

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How Fender Riffed on Trends to Drive Its Future

By now everyone connected with business, music or both, knows the cautionary tale of Gibson Guitars.

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How the Bee Gees plan to stay alive in the era of digital music
It may not be realistic to expect the Bee Gees to be as popular now as they were four decades ago. But can anything be done to shake things up in the digital era?

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Relix Channel Announces Neal Casal Tribute Concert Live
Watch a free live stream of the There’s A Reward: A Celebration of the Life & Music of Neal Casal tribute concert at The Capitol Theatre.

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Entertainment Is Getting Even Shorter, And Even Longer. What About The ‘Purgatory’ In The Middle?

Cherie Hu tackles changing trends in audio-visual media.

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Clio Music Director Michael Kauffman Talks #Clio60, The ‘Visceral Power’ of
As the glittering advertising honors turn 60, their younger music arm recognizes savvy marketing moves around the sounds of Billie Eilish, Meek Mill and Elton John.


‘Omae Wa Mou’ Was Spotify’s Most Viral Song — Then It

“Omae Wa Mou,” an instrumental built around an obscure sample of Japanese bossa nova, was pulled from Spotify as soon as it hit Number One on the platform’s viral chart. The teen who made it doesn’t know what to do next.

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When Musicians Justify

If you won’t respect somebody’s art enough to pay for it, what makes you think you deserve the same in return?


The long tale: Why the music industry shouldn’t wait to give its lost gems a streaming
The sad death of The Cars’ Ric Ocasek last week brought one of the great, under-appreciated catalogues back into the limelight. But, in the streaming age, there’s no need to wait to show our love for musicians and songwriters, says Music Week editor Mark Sutherland…

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Apple Music’s New Lyrics Landing Page Celebrates Songwriters Like Halsey, YBN Cordae &
On the heels of unveiling its new real-time lyrics feature, Apple Music debuted a Lyrics landing page Monday that tips a hat to songwriters.

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DIY radio app that pulls music from Spotify or Apple adds on-demand
An app that allows people to make online radio shows where the music is pulled from each listener’s Spotify or Apple Music account has added on-demand functionality.

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Spotify and the ‘Golden Age’ of Music

While being the most popular music streaming site on the planet, the reputation of Spotify is a mixed one.

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