Streaming Music’s Biggest Holdouts Are Caving In; How Amazon’s Echo Is Making Major Labels Rethink Their Tunes

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It’s Not Just Taylor Swift — Streaming Music’s Biggest Holdouts Are Caving In — 
 Even with the economic model still uncertain, more artists are realizing they have to get on the streaming bandwagon or face irrelevance.

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Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends: What Do They Mean For Music? — 
 From interactive gaming to the rise of voice-controlled devices, Meeker’s annual report lays out a compelling blueprint for where the music industry should be looking and investing.

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Spotify’s average subscriber is paying $30 less a year than they were in 2013 —

The average amount of money being paid for an annual Spotify subscription has fallen by more than US $30 since 2013. According to Spotify’s latest annual report, its subs revenue rose by over $1bn in 2016 — up 52% year-on-year to €2.64bn ($2.9bn).

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Momo joins four music labels to sprinkle stardust on video streaming hosts — 
 China’s millennials are spending US$5 billion on phone-based entertainment, a revenue that almost equals to the country’s movie box office.

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How Amazon’s Echo Is Making Major Labels Rethink Their Tunes — 
 As voice-activation technology from Amazon, Google and Apple goes mainstream, labels are looking to adapt to — and capitalize on — the latest frontier.

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Groovebox, a music app rigorously designed to give you a place to start — 
 The latest app from Novation (Ampify) adds a drum machine and synths — and makes it uncommonly easy to get started. But there are advanced features, too.

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Raise Your Hand If You Still Like Music Downloads — 
 Music downloading is far from dead, according to a just-released study. But why are these people not moving on to streaming?

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Spotify will start promoting Eventbrite concerts in its app — 
 Eventbrite just announced a new Spotify integration that will promote its events to users based on their listening preferences and location. The recommendations will appear in an artist’s…

Jay zs new album 444 will stream exclusively on tidal

Jay Z’s new album ‘4:44’ will stream exclusively on Tidal — 
 Customers of US carrier Sprint are in luck, too.