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Streaming Saves the Music Industry; Where is the Instagram for Audio? Should You Invest in Spotify’s IPO?

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Streaming is saving the music
According to the RIAA, In 2017 revenues from recorded music in the United States increased 16.5% at estimated retail value to $8.7 billion, continuing the growth from the previous year. Similar to…

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From Mood Playlists to Metadata: How Smart Speakers Are the Next Frontier — And Challenge — For the Music
As you read this, the mass adoption of voice-enabled devices and experiences around the world is accelerating — with music taking center stage as a growth driver and guinea pig.

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Where is the Instagram for Audio?
When I listen to a really excellent episode of a podcast, I rarely share it with anyone. For such an intimate and engaging medium, listening to podcasts can be a very isolated experience. Any podcast…

Bill callahan joanna newsom ty segall

Drag City Records Now Streaming on Spotify and
Ty Segall, Bill Callahan, and Silver Jews streaming on all major platforms; Joanna Newsom still off Spotify


For Tencent, Spotify’s More Bob Dylan and Less
Don’t expect a sudden chart topper to come from this stock debut.


Is the Compact Disc Really Dead?
Paul Wilson wonders about the future of the compact disc…


Should you invest in Spotify’s IPO?
Today, Spotify is holding its only investor meeting prior to its non-IPO. We don’t know if management will take any questions. If they do, here are the top five questions we’d ask. Uh, when do you expect to be profitable? Spotify is very good at losing money. While revenue grew by 49% and gross profit…

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Schedule your music release exactly when you want on
Releasing your music how you want to on SoundCloud is getting even easier with scheduled releases letting you pick exactly when your music goes live.

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Q&A: Spotify’s Marleisse Stephens on Socially Conscious
We discuss Spotify’s Amplify hub, Stephens’ Women of the World Playlist, and connecting music and culture.


Some Oklahoma churches embrace streaming digital
Some Oklahoma churches, including many in Enid, embrace streaming digital services for members who are out of town or cannot attend for other reasons, like illness.

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Artists are releasing more music than ever because of
The music industry is churning out more music than ever before, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. compress image

Music service company Announces Blockchain & Initial Coin

Audio streaming and artist tools company announced that they intend to pivot their centralized music service to a blockchain model by their beta launch in the Spring.

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How This Swedish Venture Capitalist Became Spotify’s Lead
Pär-Jörgen Pärson was the first outside investor in Spotify in 2008. He explains why.



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