Streaming Won’t Kill the Radio Star; Apple, Spotify are Generating $7 Billion a Year in Streaming Music Revenue

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How Technology is powering the music industry… in figures — 
 40 million songs are available on Google Play Music today.

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YouTube Makes $1 Billion Case That It’s Good for Music Industry — 
 YouTube, defending itself from attacks by record labels and artists, said it passed on more than $1 billion in sales to the music business in the past 12 months.

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Music streaming services using AI to revolutionize listeners’ experience. —

In an industry known for disruption, it should come as no surprise that music streaming services are pushing the boundaries of technology to create exciting possibilities for listeners.

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The Streaming Music Price Wars Have Begun — 
 In what looks to be the first of many streaming music price wars, Google has increased it’s free trial period and Spotify has responded.

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What Does the “B” Word Mean for Music? — 
 For many people, music is what’s on the radio, and for some, music is therapy, a drug, and life itself. When someone asks what music means to me, I’m tempted to say that it’s everything, but that’s…


Streaming Won’t Kill the Radio Star — 
 The rise in popularity of Beats 1 and independent stations like Rinse, NTS, and Radar shows just how much we still desire a human touch over algorithm-curated playlists.

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Spotify Could Be Profitable as Soon as Next Year, Says Board Member — 
 Spotify, one of Europe’s most valuable tech start-ups, could start to become profitable as early as next year.


Apple and Spotify are generating $7 billion a year in streaming music revenue — 
 60 million subscribers a year.


YouTube Executive Tells the Music Industry to Stop Whining, Start Innovating — 
 A YouTube executive now says the company paid the music industry $1 billion in the last year alone. So why all the whining?

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Sonos Gets Spotify Connect: No Need for Sonos App Anymore — 
 You won’t need the Sonos app anymore to listen to Spotify on your Sonos speakers.


Apple, Spotify, Amazon See Streaming Music As The Future —

It’s easier now than ever to listen to your favorite songs and artists on a number of devices, from your phone to your smart TV to your smart speakers, and these companies hope to profit off that experience.

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