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Super Hi-Fi Reshapes Sound of Streaming with AI; The Future of Virtual Concerts on Fortnite

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Super Hi-Fi Is Reshaping The Sound Of Streaming With
The Los Angeles-based company is working with digital music services to improve listening experiences and build their sonic brands.

Marshmello 1

What is the future of virtual concerts on Fortnite and other online games?

Travis Scott is the latest act to turn an appearance in Fortnite into a landmark event for music, building on what Marshmello achieved within the game last year.

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Joe Rogan Got Ripped

How Spotify tricked him into giving up billions.


Pandora’s new Pride, Black Music Month stations have new customization

Online music-streaming service Pandora is introducing new stations and expanding its “Modes” feature to celebrate Pride and Black Music Month.

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This is how COVID-19 is affecting the music
The music industry has been hit hard by coronavirus. But it is finding ways to hit back — One World Together at Home and a rap concert on Fortnite have engaged millions.

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JioSaavn updates include ‘improved’ AI recommendations, looping visuals, music videos & ‘elevated podcasts’
We wanted to prioritize a sharpened engine for relevant recommendations and track suggestions.

Songs for screens anzie blue

How ’80s Metal Band Ratt Landed a Laugh-Out-Loud Geico
Songs for Screens explores how ’80s metal band Ratt came to star in Geico’s $20 million ad campaign for home and car insurance bundles.


Putting together ticketed online gigs: is it the way to go? Show4me offers some
From staging online and offline concerts and tours to music sales and facilitating direct interaction with fans, the artist-driven music interaction network is working to help musicians and music professionals develop their music business.


Ministry Weekender livestream

Ministry of Sound has announced the inaugural Ministry Weekender livestream, featuring performances from major DJ and dance acts.

P 1 spotify is expanding its podcast training for marginalized communities to sweden and brazil

Spotify is strategically expanding its podcast training for marginalized
The Sound Up program moves into Brazil and Sweden, adding to the company’s efforts in the United States, U.K., Germany, and Australia.


MusicMap aims to showcase music from every
MusicMap has a very simple but also very grand ambition — to be the first music blog to feature music from every nation in the world.

Routenote cover

How to Get Your Music on Deezer as an Unsigned

You can get your music on Deezer and other top streaming services for free when you use RouteNote and it’s simple.

Demand google area 120 trends 90x90

The New Platform for the Live Music

Demand is an online data-analytics platform that uses big data to provide live statistics and insight into the live music and touring industry.



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