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Super Hi-Fi, Tuned Global Debut Partner Program to Boost B2B Streaming Solutions

Super Hi-Fi announced a technology-compatibility partnership with Tuned Global to quickly launch and grow streaming services.

Tuned Global’s clients in the music streaming, fitness, telco, social media and gaming industries now have access to Super Hi-Fi’s AI powered suite of tools to enhance music listening experiences.

Tuned Global’s full turnkey solutions incorporate music, audio and video capabilities accessible via their white label streaming app or streaming service APIs. With this new integration of Super Hi-Fi’s powerful audio transitioning and automated content curation technology, Tuned Global’s clients now access a new layer of differentiation that supercharges the user engagement and personalizes the user experience.

“It is our role to always innovate and bring new creative ideas to our clients so they can remain competitive in their niche, and it’s what the addition of Super Hi-Fi’s AI powered audio technology allows Tuned Global to perpetuate,” said Con Raso, Managing Director at Tuned Global. “Our clients can now take advantage of hours of content, ingest it automatically and seamlessly stitch it to create a high quality listening session, while saving hours of manual production time.”

“Super Hi-Fi’s mission is to transform the way the world listens to music, and we do that by using AI to power the space between the songs,” said Zack Zalon, Chief Executive Officer of Super Hi-Fi. “With Tuned Global, we can now serve a whole host of new brands looking to create highly differentiated and personalized listening experiences with scale and efficiency.”

Super Hi-Fi powers AI-engineered, individually customized listening experiences across streaming services, broadcast and digital radio, digital fitness, audio advertising, and other music services.

Listeners benefit from distinctive and engaging audio experiences that allow them to enjoy music, news, weather and other relevant thematic programming in a fluid, precisely stitched flow.

The company’s platform uses advanced AI to source, produce, manage, deliver and seamlessly connect any type of audio content at scale and in real-time. Available as a turnkey solution this audio & music technology integration provides new and existing streaming services the ability to create compelling experiences for their audiences in a significantly shorter period of time without sacrificing great content.

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Daily Digest of Music Streaming News

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