SyncFloor’s SyncLove Launches as a Podcast, Partnering with ElectraCast

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2 min readSep 16, 2021


When music and picture harmonize or collide, powerful emotions and stories emerge. SyncLove chronicles these magical moments in sync through engaging conversations with some of the industry’s most interesting voices.

Hosted by Kirt Debique, founder of SyncFloor and Brick Lane Records, SyncLove asks music, film, and advertising creatives to talk about key sync moments from their favorite films.

SyncLove is returning as a new podcast series produced by ElectraCast. Over five episodes released every two weeks, Debique and his guests explore the music powering box office hits and art house experiments, the surprising and unsettling stories that emerge when sound and image work together. Guests include industry leading music supervisors in advertising and film, who share their perspectives on a film that inspired them and give insights into their work. These conversations will provide film and music fans, as well as aspiring professionals and musicians, a window into what makes a great sync.

“There’s a growing awareness and appreciation of what music supervisors do, the art as well as the craft of their work, but they have very few opportunities to chat about what really inspires them outside of their own projects,” explains Debique. “We began inviting sync professionals to talk with us and centered the conversation on one film that had an impact on their aesthetics and career. Their choices are really striking and the passion you’ll hear in these interviews is infectious.”

“SyncLove is a treasure trove for lovers of movies and music,” says ElectraCast Media CEO Mark Netter. “Kirt and his guests are a pleasure to listen to, both for inspiring analysis of amazing soundtracks and inside secrets about how real professionals choose the right tunes for the perfect cinematic moments

Listeners can explore SyncLove the podcast here, and read previous editions of SyncLove here.

SyncLove Podcast Season 1 Episodes

Episode 101. Award-winning music supervisor Mike Ladman raves about the unorthodox music choices in Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums.

Episode 102. Dream tech specialist Saelyx Finna (previously known as Courtney Sheehan) illuminates the unconscious effects of sound and music in Charlie Kaufman’s I’m Thinking of Ending Things.

Episode 103. Music Supervisor Aminé Ramer describes the unexpected musical choices that turned John Hughes’ Pretty In Pink into a generation-defining classic.

Episode 104. Heather Boyd tells us how Cameron Crowe’s Vanilla Sky inspired her career in music supervision.

Episode 105. Musical Director Josh Rabinowitz explores how the soundtrack of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange changed film forever.

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