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Taylor Swift is Not Streaming (for a Week); Spotify, Deezer Part of New Lobbying Group in Europe

No Streaming Taylor

This is about perception. The goal is to get as big a sales number as possible and then tout this to the somnambulant media who will eat it up, printing the facts verbatim, about Taylor’s “success,” and hopefully the public will eat it up. But will they? We live in two worlds.

The honest one of the internet, based on data, and the false one left over from the last century wherein producers and publications are in cahoots to put out pabulum, oftentimes inaccurate, in order to get you to partake. But that’s not working anymore.

European commission

Spotify, Deezer and SoundCloud launch European lobbying
Spotify, Deezer and SoundCloud are among the founder members of a new coalition that plans to represent the European digital music industry in Brussels.

Bitcoin michaelwuensch

Will AudioCoin Change the Music Business and Get Artists Paid?
50 Cent and Björk have lined up behind cryptocurrency. AudioCoin promises to get artists paid. But, will the technology truly work?


Brands are using influencers on to reach, a lip-syncing app that has more than 200 million mostly teen users, is focused on user growth, but brands like Beiersdorf, Disney and Kit Kat are using influencers to crack the audience there.

07billboard facebookjumbo

CDs, Not Streaming, Send Kenny Chesney to №
The country star sold 205,000 CDs of “Live in No Shoes Nation” thanks to a promotion with concert tickets.


Boomplay Music wins coveted AppsAfrica Innovation

Africa’s fastest growing music streaming and download platform — Boomplay has been feted in the just concluded AppsAfrica Awards.


Google Assistant can ID that song for
You don’t need to have a Pixel 2 to get a built-in song identifier anymore: Google has finally given Assistant the ability to compete with Shazam. Next time you…

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What Promises To Transform Music Listening In The Age Of Alexa? Lyrics.
We’ve come a long way since the wild west of lyrics, which are now easily searchable and provide artists with an additional source of income. Moving forward, lyrics will provide essential contextual metadata in the age of voice command.

Connected home kitchen

Pandora And Nestlé Waters Turn On Audience Targeting In

“Audio acts as a powerful tool to establish an emotional connection with audiences, and connected devices offer an even greater level of intimacy, particularly within the home where listeners are more receptive and their environment acts as a contextual trigger,” says Pandora’s Eric Hoppe.

Diplo q and a  45d931d5 1021 4dcd ba95 2411eaf75d1f

Diplo on Why Streaming Hurts Taylor
Outspoken DJ-producer Diplo discusses how he stays ahead of curve, being parodied by James Van Der Beek, a “disco” album with Mark Ronson and more.




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Platform & Stream

Platform & Stream

Daily Digest of Music Streaming News

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