ThatTrack Arms Creators with AI-Powered Search Tools To Discover Music That Elevates their Content

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Social media has grown rapidly, and while past copyright and flagging systems have been unable to keep up with this growth, systems are becoming more advanced to protect these copyrighted works. Content creators using unlicensed music in their work risk content takedowns, strikes against their channel, or even channel deactivation.

ThatTrack™ solves this serious issue for creators.

At the core of ThatTrack™ is 30,000 high-quality tracks ready to be discovered and brought to life in creators’ content, including videos, films, social posts, and podcasts. ThatTrack™ helps users find the perfect soundtrack every time, either through AI search capabilities, traditional search by genre or keyword, or through One-Click Searches and carefully curated playlists.

What sets ThatTrack™ apart is its AI-powered search engine, which makes finding the right track faster than ever. AI is creating art, it’s writing novels, and now, it can even find music for content quicker than ever, so creators can focus on creativity and storytelling. Search can begin by providing a YouTube URL, or by choosing a particular style, genre, or theme. ThatTrack™ will provide audio-matched results in seconds.

One-Click Searches contain music tailor made for popular content like reaction videos, unboxing videos, or product reviews. Playlists are curated by experts at ThatTrack™ by genre, style, theme, trend, season, or event. The right track can help a project become memorable, and encourage more viewers to like, comment, and subscribe, ultimately increasing viewer engagement on their work.

This music offers instant copyright clearance through integration with YouTube’s ContentID system, to avoid takedown on social platforms. The entire ThatTrack™ library has multiple versions that make editing easier than ever including full mixes, instrumental mixes, mixes designed to sit beneath narration, and 60-second, 30-second, and 15-second edits. Many tracks also have stems available at no additional cost once licensed, so creators can have even more control over the mix and full creative freedom.

“With the launch of ThatTrack™, our mission is to help content creators discover a soundtrack that elevates their content and brings it to life, easier than ever,” says ThatTrack™ CMO James Clarke. “We’re also supporting artists as they work toward their goals, not only financially, but by providing them with a platform where they have the freedom to express themselves–a safe and supportive space that isn’t always made available when writing music specifically for use in content, TV, film, and trailers.”

ThatTrack™ is powered by a talented team positioned to help creators tell their story. With a passion for music weaved throughout his professional career, which includes time as a Communications Specialist at Universal Music Group, Clarke grew up in the nineties as a huge music fan and is loving the revival of nineties trends and sounds in music. He understands, however, “What’s cool or current isn’t always what creators are looking for when producing videos that span the whole gamut of content types,” and Clarke has used this to his advantage in helping clients find the most unique music to fit the project they are working on.

One such client is Dan Waites, a YouTube creator, consultant, and former journalist. With his YouTube channel, World Astrology Report, his mission is to show people how astrology and planetary cycles can explain the changes we see in the world as time goes by. His videos are often watched by those who are open-minded to the possibility that astrology — a rapidly growing community on YouTube — is valid, but not necessarily deeply engaged with it. “I want to draw in fresh eyes to astrology and help grow the field,” says Waites.

Waites realized that his content needed to have high production value and creative flair to reach this audience. “The quality of the music is really high — it gives my content a professional feel,” says Waites. “I also appreciate how ThatTrack™ understands the needs of creators. On some services, you can find music you like, but there are elements — say, the percussion or vocals — that jar with my narration or don’t quite fit. ThatTrack™ gives you several versions of the tracks, so if you like something about a track, you can choose a version that has exactly the right elements to fit with your footage, without distracting elements. That’s really valuable to me in being able to express my creative vision.”

ThatTrack™ offers a per-track Creator license priced at $29.95 or a Creator Pro subscription making tracks as low as $3.99 per track. This license is in perpetuity and single use, so creators are always covered for the particular video they paired with music from ThatTrack™ can ensure music used is properly licensed.

ThatTrack™ will create a space for music with a mission, an innovative platform for musicians inspired by complex societal issues in the world around them. Content creators will find music specifically created for projects with a purpose, complete with the same high-quality and diverse sound as other music on ThatTrack™. More news on this development will come very soon.