The Boston Public Library Owns 200,000 Vinyl Records — And It’s Putting Them All Online


The Boston Public Library Owns 200,000 Vinyl Records — And It’s Putting Them All Online — 
 Once the records are digitized through the Internet Archive, anyone will be able to hear them — free.

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Mood-Based Playlists Grow Classical Music’s Revenue, Cache With Young Fans — 
 Mood-based streaming playlists are creating hoards of new composer groupies as classical music finds a new generation of fans.

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Senegal: Start-Ups launch Local Music Streaming Services —

Senegalese start-ups are testing a fledgling market for online music platforms in French-speaking West Africa.

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How Augmented Reality Audio Will Let You Soundtrack Your Life — 
 It’s easy to grasp how users will see AR content through screens, and later glasses, but how will they hear augmented reality?

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Music rights collection startup Kobalt adds another $14M at $789M valuation, Bill Maris joins board — 
 When he was still at Google Ventures, Bill Maris led a round of funding into music royalty collecting startup Kobalt, to make one of the VC arms bigger bets..

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Spotify Records Surging Revenues, Continued Losses in First Half of 2017 — 
 The music industry is poised to face its third consecutive year of growth in 2017, thanks to paid subscription streaming services like Spotify. Yet, as it approaches its much-anticipated IPO, that company has yet to convince investors of its future profitability.

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Spotify link now appearing in Groove Music app — 
 Another indication foreshadowing the end of Microsoft’s music streaming service has appeared in the Groove Music app for Windows 10 Mobile and PC, prompting users to get Spotify ahead of the shutdown.

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China’s Spotify: How Tencent leads the music streaming market — 
 Chinese tech giant Tencent is dominating the music streaming market after clamping down on piracy.


A Journal of Musical ThingsThis New Music Discovery App Attempts to Visualize All the Music in the World —

There is too much music out there. Who has time to sort through the tens of millions of songs looking for something they might like?

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