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The Difficult Business of Music Streaming in Nigeria; Spotify Makes Road Trip Playlists; SiriusXM Archives Available via Alexa, Echo

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The difficult business of music streaming in
UduX is the latest in a string of music streaming companies to launch in Nigeria. We take a look at just how difficult it is to make a profit in the streaming business

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Sure, Streaming’s Transformed the Music Business. But What’s Next?

Two music industry leaders gave rare and insightful interviews that highlight the evolution of the music business and its future challenges.

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Spotify will now make a road trip playlist for you — The
Spotify’s new Soundtrack your Ride feature will calculate your trip length using Google Maps and generate a playlist to fill that trip length based on your answers to a few questions.

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Musiio provides improved AI curation with 90%
Musiio, a Singapore-based startup exhibiting in Echelon, is taking the bold step to provide improved artificial technology (AI) to curate music and to take on competitors. Music to our ears.

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Mariah Carey launches enhanced Christmas album with
At the time of writing, Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is the 41st most-streamed Spotify track in the UK.

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SiriusXM Archives Available Through Alexa,
SiriusXM and Amazon have join forces to make SiriusXM’s On Demand library available to subscribers with Amazon Alexa and Echo devices, as well as several third-party devices with Alexa built in.

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Moises makes Deezer’s Spleeter audio-separation tool
Earlier in November, Deezer released an open-source project called Spleeter, which had been created by its research team: a tool for source separation.

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Leonard Cohen And Harry Nilsson Are Releasing New Albums, Whether They Like It Or
Beloved, but gone — when it comes to our favorite artists, the assumption is that more is always better. But what effect do these patchworked releases have on their legacies?

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JioSaavn brings U2 and A.R. Rahman together for new
Indian streaming service JioSaavn has been commissioning original tracks and remixes for a while now, but its latest example takes things up several notches


40,000 new songs are uploaded to streaming services every day — how do you stand out from the pack?
The On.DXB entertainment festival hosted an industry session that discussed the opportunities and challenges for artists of music streaming

Spotify awards

Spotify Is Launching Its Own Music Awards, Based on Streaming
The first-ever Spotify Awards for music will be held in Mexico City, with winners based entirely on user-generated data.

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