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The End Of The Streaming Holdout; Jay-Z Is Choosing His Streaming Service Over His Legacy

The End Of The Streaming
As more previously wary artists make the move to join in, opposition to services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal seems to be coming to an end.

Jay-Z Is Choosing His Streaming Service Over His Legacy — And That’s
We all have our passion projects. For some of us, it’s tending a garden or collecting vinyl, while others write novels or cut vanity records.

How Chatbots and Blockchain Will Converge to Shape the Future of

Blockchain is a big topic, and the way the music business looks at it is actually limited, and limiting. But first, let’s delve into something that’s easier to understand: chatbots.

How Spotify Uses Music To Drive Social
At Spotify, Kerry Steib taps into the power of music, technology and community to drive meaningful social change.

Kanye West splits with Jay-Z’s Tidal Music:
Kanye West departed from Jay-Z’s streaming service Tidal due t a financial dispute, according to TMZ.

A Compromise Proposal to Fix Streaming Royalties,Licensing and
I have a feeling I’m about to wander off the reservation here. I say this because what I’m about to propose is essentially a modification of a potential legislative proposal that rumor has it the NMPA is floating.

Anchor lets you record and publish podcasts from your
If you haven’t heard of Anchor yet, it’s an app that lets you record little bits of audio and broadcast them to your followers with minimal fuss. In a lot of wa…

YouTubers killed the radio star: Radio 1 boss admits struggle to find new DJ
For decades, they have entertained the nation from behind a microphone, educating generations with their musical tastes.

Can SoundCloud break your band?
The platform’s director of content partnerships, Europe says its “top 1% of artists is much more diverse” than that of its rivals. He also tells Music Week about SoundCloud’s approach to breaking new acts.

Jay-Z 4:44 New Album Tidal Fans Can’t
Jay-Z fans flocked to sign up for the music streaming app, co-owned by Jay-Z himself, to stream his new album 4:44, only to find they couldn’t.

Protecting IP in the Blockchain
Compared to smartphone technology, the blockchain sector is clearly in its infancy. However, elevated levels of patenting activity tend to attract patent…

Google Home now supports Bluetooth music
Google is now rolling out support for Bluetooth streaming on the Google Home, meaning you’ll be able to use it like a Bluetooth speaker.



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