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The Future of Streaming Concerts; uduX Launches PopRev; Why Alibaba Lost China’s Streaming Music Market to Tencent Music

Live audiences are (hopefully) coming back. Where does that leave streaming concerts?

That Catch-22 isn’t lost on presenters. Over the past year, many have invested massively in streaming technology and want to put those investments to long-term use. But with some venues prepared to start welcoming back audiences in accordance with Gov. Pritzker’s new “bridge” plan, where does that leave concert streams?

African music service uduX launches PopRev, an investment platform that lets fans buy shares in artists’

Platform to launch in partnership with Nigeria-based FinTech firm PiggyVest.

Why Alibaba Lost China’s Streaming Music Market to Tencent
The tech giant’s dreams of becoming the “Spotify of China” are over.

How 1995’s Macintosh NY Music Fest ‘Livestreamed’ 25 Years Ahead Of Its

In 1995, long before iPhones, WiFi, social media or Zoom consumed our daily lives, there was just a couple of forward-thinking New York City club owners and promoters looking to replace revenue created by the collapse of the New Music Seminar the year before.

Apple Music pays a penny per

Apple Music’s payment rate for artists and labels is fundamentally a penny per stream, according to a letter from the company.

How music streaming drove Rap & Hip Hop’s sixfold
The rise of streaming during the pandemic last year was a boon for the Rap & Hip Hop genre.

Spotify’s Car Thing is a either a great branding play or just another thing to distract me while I’m driving
Audio streaming giant Spotify is rolling out its imaginatively dubbed Car Thing to some U.S. users on an invite-only basis, but is it just another dangerous distraction?

Inside the Dirty Business of Hit
Singers have taken credit and royalties for songs they didn’t write for decades — insiders say the practice is more prevalent than ever now.

Having sold music rights to 125 people via NFTs, this blockchain platform is evolving
Lee Parsons talks MBW through last month’s NFT sales — and why decentralized finance is the next step for his company…

Abba’s Björn Ulvaeus says songwriters are “last in line for streaming royalties”
ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus said a new royalties model is needed to ensure artist’s creativity can thrive and develop.

Streaming Writes: Music Publishers Talk Playlists, DSP
Music publishing executives discuss how their marketing and playlist strategies are shifting and where the potential lies in the future.

There’s Big Money in Music Streaming, But Not for Many

Recording artists protested outside Spotify offices around the world last month as part of an ongoing movement to demand better pay.

Endlesss is going to mint NFTs from a music-making

Music creation startup Endlesss has been holding online jams using its app for a while now, but this week it’s trying something new.

FT Film: How streaming royalties are changing the music

How streaming royalties are changing the music business.


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