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The Growing Cost of Music’s $9.99 Monthly Price Tag; Beatport’s LINK Integrates with Virtual DJ; Dolby Atmos on Amazon Music HD

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The Growing Cost of Music’s $9.99 Monthly Price
For over a decade, music subscription prices have remained static, as services chased growth over profit. But now, that’s starting to change.

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More Than Three-Fourths of US Internet Users Are Now Streaming Music, Says
More than three fourths of the American internet-using population over the age of 13 is now streaming music. That’s according to MusicWatch’s audiocensus Q2 2019 report on U.S. music consumption and listening habits.

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Dolby Atmos Music Will Make Its Streaming Debut on Amazon Music
Dolby Labs has been telling us that its Atmos Music is going to revolutionize music for years. But with precious few ways to experience it, it was hard to get excited. A new partnership with Amazon Music changes everything as Atmos Music will finally be able to be streamed.

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One-Third of All Young People Use Stream Ripping to Steal Music, Global Study
A study by IFPI shows a third of young music listeners worldwide practice illegal “stream ripping.” But legit streaming’s still on the rise.

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Beatport’s LINK streaming service integrates with Virtual
LINK allows DJs to stream Beatport’s catalog directly into DJ performance software

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Online Copyright Enforcement Is Not Just About “Artists”
E-Commerce sites could probably do a much better job of helping digita-age entrepreneurs protect copyright. No free speech rhetoric required.

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Play It Again, Sam: Spotify’s Newest Playlists Are Based on Repeat
Spotify’s latest entry into personalized playlists aren’t just inspired by prior song choices, they are those tracks

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Amazon announces AirPods competitor, Echo
The company unveiled several new Echo devices, alongside new Alexa capabilities, at its annual hardware event on Wednesday.

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The Evolution of Spotify Home
Emily Samuels, Anil Muppalla discuss the evolution of Spotify’s architecture that serves recommendations (playlist, albums, etc) on the Home Tab.

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Meet Electrophone, the streaming service you’ve never heard
Long before Spotify, music buffs signed up to hear live concerts by telephone

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All The World’s A Vertical Stage — Especially On
A vertical stage at Samsung’s new KX venue in London is perfectly proportioned for taking photos suitable for sharing on Instagram.


Bose says its upcoming earbuds will be better than Amazon’s Echo
Amazon made a pretty big deal about the fact that its brand new Echo Buds incorporate Bose technology to achieve their active noise reduction and cut down on surrounding noise. But Bose says it’s got something even better on the way.

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Audius takes on SoundCloud… but takedowns could get

Music Ally first wrote about blockchain-music startup Audius just over a year ago, when the company raised a $5.5m funding round.

The Friday Featured Playlist


Dave, after the Mercury Music Prize win, leads the revolution of modern protest songs. Click to listen!

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