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The Ongoing Collision of Music & Podcasts; Bootleg Podcasts + Unlicensed Music on Spotify; Is Your Car the New Audio Frontier?

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The Ongoing Collision of Music and
The intersection of music and podcasts is more like a collision. Shows are accused of copyright infringement and legitimate licenses may not matter.

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Bootleg Podcasts Are a New Frontier for Unlicensed Music on
Leaked songs and other copyright-infringing tracks are being repackaged as podcasts.

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Is Your Car the New Audio Frontier?
Paul Wilson wonders if car audio is where high performance audio is heading…

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CMT Throws a Data Party to Prove Country Fans Want More Female
On the eve of Country Radio Seminar, CMT hosted a data presentation and panel to show that country listeners do want gender parity on radio.

Gorillaz landscape scaled

Gorillaz Song Machine Project a New Model for the Music Industry?
The Song Machine project from the Gorillaz is a groundbreaking model that can shake up the music industry. New artists need to take note!


YouTube Music explains how its long-overdue cloud locker will

Earlier this month it came to light that YouTube was finally working on a way to let you upload your own music to its library.

P1 media

Country Radio Plays Less Variety Than
That’s one conclusion from a new study released by P1 Media Group and MRC Data/Nielsen Music. The study focused on the growth of country music on streaming platforms and how that’s impacting radio.

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Stream queen: Beats 1’s Julie Adenuga on Apple Music’s next move into live
All good radio DJs tend to brim with recommendations and enthuse about favoured acts in the manner of proud parents. But if you ever ask Julie Adenuga — host on Apple Music’s flagship station Beats 1 — for the artists she feels most happy to have helped nudge towards success, well, it wouldn’t hurt to get comfortable.

George monger beatroot music

Distribution company Beatroot Music to administer ‘thousands in unpaid royalties’ of former Dart

Dozens of music creators to obtain years’ worth of unclaimed royalties, says firm.


Flutin Music Service Receives Investment from SEGA

Flutin is announcing an investment partnership with SEGA, part of the well-known gaming and digital entertainment’s expansion into new, promising companies.

Sarah williams photo

IMPEL inks licensing deal with Amazon for its music streaming services in

IMPEL represents the digital music publishing rights of nearly 50 independent music publishers.


Dolby Atmos Music Comes into India, AR Rahman’s’99 Songs’ Soundtrack First Album inside this Immersive Audio

Dolby Atmos Music created its customer introduction internationally in overdue 2019, and so is well on how to mainstream usage.

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