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The Rise and Rise of Bandcamp; Musicians Fear for Livelihood Without Streaming Residuals; A Eulogy for iTunes

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The rise and rise of

As the conversation about how artists can best navigate the streaming economy develops, many musicians and labels are moving towards more independent platforms, selling their music and growing their fanbase with greater control over their output and finances.

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‘This Is an Extinction-Level Event’: Musicians Fear for Livelihood Without Streaming
As TV’s center of gravity pivots to direct-to-consumer platforms like Netflix and, soon, Disney+, a lack of residuals is having a huge impact on below-the-line workers who create the scores and instrumentals for programming.


Spotify Rethinks Global Cultures Music Initiative, Prompting

Spotify’s much-heralded 2018 program to elevate music from outside of Western markets suddenly changed direction, leading to confusion.

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Why should you care about metadata?
When it comes to pitching for sync opportunities, it’s critical to make sure your music has accurate, complete metadata. A big part of getting music licensed is building relationships with…

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How Music Publishers Are Driving a Full Stack

Music publishing catalogues are gaining momentum fast as an asset class for institutional investments, with transactions ranging from large catalogue mergers and acquisitions (M&A) through to investment vehicles for songwriters’ shares such as the Hipgnosis Fund and Royalty Exchange.


A eulogy for iTunes: the story of how a piece of software grew to be hated quite so

What was originally a cute, streamlined piece of software became a bloated victim of its own ambition.


Sound Diplomacy publishes latest report on ‘future cities’ and
Legal & General is the commissioner of the latest report from music consultancy Sound Diplomacy, which is arguing the case once again for music to play a more-prominent role in the process of planning ‘future cities’.

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Music Piracy Continues To Drop Dramatically, But The Industry Hates To Admit That Because It Ruins The
This was wholly predictable, of course. Back in 2015, we released a detailed analytical report showing that the absolute easiest and most effective way to reduce piracy was to to enable more and better licensed services that actually gave users what…


Amazon HD and Me — Early Adopter’s
Steven Stone looks at how Amazon HD will affect his, and possibly your, listening patterns…

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Why 90% of your streaming cash goes to acts you may not
A proposed new music streaming payment system may change this and ensure the acts you actually listen to get paid more


At vast New York warehouse, preserving records in the digital
The turntable needle drops and the reverbs of the obscure band The Motifs ring out, bouncing off mountains of records lining the musty warehouse housing America’s largest pop music collection.


Report: Apple in talks to bundle music with TV
Talks are said to be at an early stage between Apple and the labels and a pricing formula has yet to be discussed.


Spotify inks podcast deal with VICE

The first new podcast is launching on November 12.

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