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The Shift From Napster to Spotify; Radiohead’s Lesson From ‘In Rainbows’; Bounce to Help Artists Collaborate Better

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Radiohead’s lesson from In Rainbows: ‘People value music’

Radiohead’s decision to sell their album ‘In Rainbows’ directly to fans with a ‘pay-what-you-want’ model is still regularly misunderstood as a ‘giveaway’. Yes, fans could choose to pay nothing, but the point was that they could also choose to pay.

P 1 this new app wants to change the way music gets made

This new startup wants to change the way music gets
Bounce wants to help artists collaborate better — and eventually, change the way people consume music.


How the music industry shifted from Napster to
Napster burned brightly and briefly, and forever changed the music industry.

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Coldplay team up with YouTube for double-concert

The band have teamed up with YouTube for not one but two livestreamed performances on 22 November, the day the ‘Everyday Life’ album is released.


Swiing will be a friends-powered music-discovery

Users swipe to like, dislike, or re-share song clips shown to them,” explains its profile on investment site AngelList.

Warner chappell

Warner Chappell launches ‘Final Sessions’ music

We’ve seen a fair few labels launch their own music-focused podcasts in recent times, but not quite so many publishers.

Spotify kids

Spotify Kids: Music Streamer Wants to Lure Family-Plan Subscribers With Purpose-Built
Spotify is trying to sell more Premium Family subscriptions — by setting up a special “playground of sound” just for kids.

7 microphone lorantevaldez eileen brown zdnet

Podcast market booms in
The country is the second largest market for the format in the world, and players such as Spotify want to capitalize on that growth.

File 20191023 119405 1i8siwd

Gen Xers, millennials and even some Gen Zs choose vinyl & drive record sales
In an era when all sorts of music seems to be at our fingertips through streaming services for under $10 a month, who is spending their hard-earned cash on vinyl?


Digicel Cayman launches updated music streaming
D’Music just got a new makeover as part of Digicel’s digital journey. The D’Music app is available across the Caribbean and Central America, focusing on local and regiona


Here’s how to hide Apple Music in the new macOS Music
Now iTunes is dead, we have to use the new macOS Music app instead. Unfortunately, that includes Apple Music. Here’s how remove it from the app.


Now that labels can pay to promote music on Spotify, smaller artists may struggle to

While the popular music streaming service asserts that the tool will enable artists to reach their fans directly, critics fear that the advertising policy will aid major labels and established artists and may be harmful to smaller artists with less of a budget to spend on ads.

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