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The Success of Streaming; Spotify Acquires Music Podcast ‘The 500’; BMW Adds New Subscription for Apple’s CarPlay

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The Success Of Streaming Has Been Great For Some, But Is There A Better Way?
Chastened since the turn of the millennium, the streaming revolution has now revivified the recording industry — at least, those at the top of it. What are the alternatives, then?

It looks like TikTok has acquired Jukedeck, a pioneering music AI UK

A key change is in the works for Jukedeck, a pioneering AI startup out of the UK which was building technology to create music using AI — including the ability to interpret video and automatically set music to it.

Spotify Acquires Music Podcast ‘The 500’
Spotify is bringing music podcast The 500 With Josh Adam Meyers under its umbrella.

BMW adds an $80 yearly subscription for Apple’s
BMW has confirmed it will charge a subscription fee for Apple CarPlay. Drivers of 2019 models and onward will get a year’s access for free, and then have to pay…

Music Modernization Act a start, but more to
It’s time for MMA 2.0. And this time, Congress needs to empower local public radio stations through a streamlined, more efficient licensing structure that will allow them to better serve their listeners, artists, and communities.

Mixhalo raises $10.7M to bring better sound quality to live

Mixhalo — the startup co-founded by Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger and his wife, violinist Ann Marie Simpson-Einziger — has raised $10.7 million in Series A funding.

Use Pandora’s new hands-free voice mode and make Spotify
Put down your phone and tell Pandora what to play.

Streaming rises among music
Music streaming and related services are still on the rise, boosted by faster network speeds and greater mobile penetration, say leading over-the-top players.

Radio: What happened to all the advertising?
It was different in the old days when stations were forced to compete.

A Look At The Future Of Music

If you’re looking to use someone’s music that you don’t have the rights to, you’ll need to get some form of official license from the copyright holder.

Apple Music and Exclusive Podcasts: a

The podcast industry is buzzing in the midst of a report stating that Apple is in preliminary talks to finance original, exclusive podcasts for its platform.

Have Audio Shows Grown Too Large?
Paul Wilson wonders if audio shows may have grown too large.

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