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TikTok is Altering the Music Industry; Streaming Music, Katy Perry and Copyright; Vivendi-Tencent; May Sell 10% of UMG


TikTok is Altering the Music
Montero Lamar Hill grew up in Lithia Springs, Georgia, a small city in the far suburbs of Atlanta, and had a childhood loaded with the challenges typically faced by black boys in the Deep South. His…

AT&T Adds Spotify Premium As a Free ‘Perk’ for Select
The partnership marks the beginning of an “ongoing collaboration” between Spotify and the telecommunications giant.

Streaming music may make cases like Katy Perry’s more

But does access have any meaning in a streaming era when almost everyone has access to almost everything?

Vivendi-Tencent Talks: May Sell 10% of Universal Music

Vivendi SA is in talks to sell 10% of Universal Music Group to China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd., helping the world’s biggest music company expand in fast-growing Asian markets.

Primephonic-commissioned study explores streaming

Classical music-streaming service Primephonic has commissioned a survey of nearly 1,300 American adults to find out what they think about streaming.

The three types of scarcity tactics in music streaming — and why so few of them actually
There’s a fundamental contradiction in trying to “limit” the quantity of recorded music that is both more ubiquitous and more affordable than ever with the rise of streaming.

Why Humans & Computers Must Work Together to Secure the Future of Music
Until very recently, the music industry had been starved for legislation to bring copyright law in line with digital realities. Now, humans and technology must work together to fix even more issues.

State of the Streaming Nation 3.0: Multi-Paced

2018 was yet another strong year for streaming music growth, with the leading streaming services consolidating their market shares.

RIP, headphone jacks. Apple’s bad design decision is now an industry
Leaked images suggest that Samsung will be including a dreaded dongle with its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 10. Hang on to your iPhone 6S, people!

Alexa tempts radio listeners to leave BBC for commercial
Loyalty to a ‘favourite’ station fades as smart speakers lead listeners to new digital outlets

6 Questions (And Answers) with Mia Nygren, Managing Director, Spotify Latin

Artists who emerge in Latin America often catch fire around the Spanish-speaking world — and beyond — thanks to streaming (just look at “Despacito”).

Quentin Tarantino Debuts Spotify Playlist Filled With Songs From His
Quentin Tarantino shares his love for music by taking over Spotify’s “Film & TV Favorites” playlist with over 60 of his favorite songs used in his films.

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