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Tracklib Uses AI to Find Perfect Loops to Sample in Every Song; TikTok, the New Ramp to Success; Spotify’s New Marketing Tool

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Tracklib Uses AI to Find Perfect Loops to Sample in Every

Tracklib, the Stockholm-based music startup for sample licensing, has debuted a new feature on its platform: Tracklib Loops. It’s part of a larger plan for lowering the entry bar for sampling.


Anatomy of a Viral Hit: TikTok, Dance Moves and Gordon

At this point, we’re all probably familiar with stories of viral hits — Lil Nas X’s Old Time Road being a prime example. However, when songs become as popular as Old Time Road, it becomes tough to track their journey to international success. The wealth of data available simply becomes overwhelming.

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Spotify’s ‘Brand New Music for You’ Recommendation Now Testing as Sponsored
Spotify is now letting artists sponsor the service’s full-screen “Brand New Music For You” recommendations on the Spotify mobile app.


Flutin Puts Emerging Artists Where They Need to Be: In Music Fans’

Austin-based Christophe Lavigne had been working on his music for years, leading the rock band Arrows to Fire. Like a lot of indie artists, he’d done all he could, but the results were disheartening.

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Neil Young Archives website now has 25,000

There have been several interviews with artist Neil Young recently, to promote his new book. The latest piece, from Wired, has some stats on how Young’s own subscription service is doing.

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Radio: Can you hear the future of radio on this app?
Finally, a radio tuner for smartphones that works great.


Spoti-fail: will the streaming service’s family playlist ruin your life?
A new function combines your mum’s Zumba hits with your Megan Thee Stallion obsession, potentially creating chaos at home

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Queen, YouTube Release Three Collaborative Fan
Fan renditions and performances were used for 3 new videos for “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “A Kind of Magic” and “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

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Record Label Slaps Cornell With Major Lawsuit, Seeking Up To $150,
What started off as seemingly innocent background music in a collaboration between Cornell and two agriculture organizations soon unfolded into a major lawsuit — with the University now facing allegations of copyright infringement.

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What Makes Music Enjoyable? It’s Complex, But
Scientists know a lot about your favorite song. People tend to prefer music that has a certain combination of predictable and unpredictable elements, and scientists have now found a way to express that predictability in a mathematical way.

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Fender CEO Andy Mooney on why Fender Songs will change the way we learn guitar
Fender Songs lets you play along with original recordings or a backing tracks as you learn, slow the playback speed down and even record.

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