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Triller Acquires Verzuz; Tuma Busa Changed Spotify With a Playlist (YouTube’s Next); 10 Most Innovative Music Companies of 2021

Triller Network Acquires
Verzuz, the popular livestream music platform created by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, has been acquired by Triller Network.

Tuma Busa Changed Spotify With a Playlist. YouTube’s
The creator of Spotify’s RapCaviar playlist on changing music for 20 years, YouTube’s #BlackVoices initiative, globalization, and breaking artists.

How Pandora Won Its Royalty Battle But Lost the War to
Pandora found a brilliant loophole win its fight with the recording industry, but it tied the company’s future into a knot.

The 10 most innovative music companies of
From Dolby to Parkwood Entertainment to Bandcamp, these top music companies spent the year changing the industry’s tune for the better.

Raised In Space, Jason Flom join $11m investment round in music licensing tech platform

Songclip has patented technology for integrating popular licensed music as a feature in social apps.

Adaptr for the Music Industry

Before Adaptr, there was no turnkey solution for startups to license and experiment with commercial music.

Pioneering pop star Kimbra launches comprehensive new vocal course with online music school

Grammy winning artist Kimbra is releasing her first ever online course in partnership with innovative music education platform Soundfly.

Why Spotify’s ex-Global Head of Music Publishing thinks streaming services should be paying songwriters more

Adam Parness explains why he believes his ex-employer should fork out more cash to songwriters and indie publishers.

Sony sounds out overseas markets with Japanese anime

About three years ago Tokyo-based anime house Aniplex pitched Sony Music Labels with an idea: How about letting LiSA do a song for “Demon Slayer,” now a blockbuster TV and movie anime.

Spotify is in Africa — let the streaming games

Spotify, the Swedish audio streaming service that is home to over 50 million songs and over 2 million podcasts, is finally available in several African countries. Keeping the popular band’s music
Right now I’m listening to “Mississippi Delta Blues,” sung by Colin McCaffrey, from East Montpelier. I just missed Tom MacKenzie’s “Half Creek.” I’m not sure what’s up next on the

How AI helps radio stations improve content quality and remain
Imagine if all of your live content you send out over the airwaves was captured, transcribed and made searchable using keywords

Playlist: New Troubadours Vol.

A troubadour (English: /ˈtruːbədʊər, -dɔːr/, French: [tʁubaduʁ] was a composer and performer of Old Occitan lyric poetry during the High Middle Ages (1100–1350). Nowadays, it means Jade Bird, Katy J Pearson, Orla Gartland, Billie Marten, Clairo, Julia Jacklin et. al.

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