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Trqk Partners with BMAT on TrqkIQ Music Royalty Intelligence Platform

Trqk™, a music tech innovator and creator of the TrqkIQ™ Music Royalty Intelligence platform, has partnered with BMAT, a global leader in audio fingerprinting and recognition services, to empower the music creator economy with game-changing new ways to more efficiently manage royalties, unlock paths to increased revenue streams, and engage fans.

BMAT’s industry leading Vericast audio fingerprinting and music identification service will help fuel the new TrqkIQ platform with accurate monitoring, and on-air detections of tracks broadcasted on more than 200 TV and radio stations.

The integration will give TrqkIQ users a complete picture of global performances, valuable insights and reporting, royalty and on-air works analysis, and dynamic visualizations that make it easier to understand the gap when payments haven’t been received.

“BMAT is an industry leader in audio fingerprinting and recognition with best-in-class services, global reach, a stellar track record, and an accuracy rate that is second to none. We are delighted to be partners and very excited by the feedback we have received from the hundreds of creators, libraries, and publishers that have participated in our beta of TrqkIQ Indie Edition. We look forward to releasing our commercial version soon,” said David Della Santa, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Trqk.

“We believe in the power of data and so does Trqk. We’re happy to partner with them as part of our mission to help all different companies across the global music industry better their dataand amplify the value of music,” said Pedro Cano, CEO of BMAT.

Trqk’s team of musicians, technologists, and music industry insiders are united by a passion for music and the vision of using data science and business intelligence to dramatically transform and simplify the complexities of the royalty management process.

In December 2020, the company launched its first product in public beta, TrqkIQ, with plans to officially roll out later this year the TrqkIQ Indie Edition™ for DIY independent artists, songwriters, composers, managers, labels, and music libraries.


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Daily Digest of Music Streaming News

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