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Platform & Stream is Back; Beatport Debuts New DJ Web App; Voice-Assisted Search & Sync Licensing is back from the dead — and now there are
Turntable, a site that used to allow people to share their music sets and playlists with others before it died in 2013, has come back. Now, there are two sites, the original, and a new, both with original team members.

Beatport Transforms Music Discovery with New DJ Web
Beatport revolutionizes music discovery with the Beatport DJ web app, allowing LINK subscribers to browse and mix tracks from their browser.

Is Voice-Assisted Search the Next Frontier in Sync Licensing?
Bopper recently announced their latest experiment: a voice-assisted licensing engine. Co-founder Phil Messier explains why and how they built it.

Old Dominion Debuts Band Van Radio On Apple Music

The new show will air monthly and will feature the band traveling through their native Virginia, talking about their old college bands, and memories from the road, as well as highlighting other Virginia songwriters and artists.

Kind World Foundation helps Sioux City Symphony launch new streaming

Through SCSO.LIVE, symphony patrons can now watch live performances from the Orpheum Theatre stage in high definition.

YouTube’s Lo-Fi Music Streams Are All About the Euphoria of
On an internet built around excess, lo-fi hip-hop channels have created a community for minimalist escape.

Are Music Streaming Companies Finally Ready To Change The Way They Pay Artists?
In a first of its kind move, music streaming platform SoundCloud is launching a new “fan-powered” revenue structure that seeks to bolster payments to indie artists.

CD Baby collected $125m from digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music in
Independent artists distributed by CD Baby saw their music generate over $50m from Spotify alone last year

Spotify podcast listeners to top Apple’s for the first time in 2021, forecast

Investors have been waiting for Spotify’s multimillion-dollar bet on podcasting to pay off, in terms of increased paid subscriptions or improved revenues.

Vydia to pay advances to independent labels and artists using Royalty Exchange’s online marketplace
Labels and artists can request an advance on their future royalties…

More hi-res audio is coming to your ears. Alan Cross asks who will pay for
You can lead a person to high-quality audio, but you can’t make them listen. What are the prospects for Spotify’s upcoming hi-res HiFi tier?

M&M’s revives Messages packs with integrated Spotify
Marketing news, voices and jobs for industry professionals. Optimized for your mobile phone.

Singer wins campaign to persuade Spotify to recognise Scots language for first
An award-winning singer has claimed victory in her campaign to persuade music industry giants Spotify to recognise Scots as a language.

Pandora LIVE Countdown to the GRAMMY Awards® to Feature Haim, Brittany Howard and

Pandora LIVE Countdown to the GRAMMY Awards is a precursor to the 63rd GRAMMY® Awards which will air Sunday, March 14 on CBS.

Arab Music Streamer Anghami Strengthens Its Position In Battle Against
Arab music streaming platform Anghami became the first Arab tech company to list on the Nasdaq on Wednesday after merging with Vistas Media Acquisition Company.

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