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Turntable·fm Returns; SoundCloud to Let Fans Pay Artists Directly; Music is the Creator Economy Catalyst

SoundCloud to Let Fans Pay Artists
SoundCloud is preparing to introduce a new payment system that would allow fans to pay artists directly, multiple sources close to the situation tell Billboard.

Turntable·fm is coming

One of the original team, Joseph Perla, is bringing Turntable back as a ‘mobile-first’ service, launching in beta this April.

Music is the creator economy

In his book The Passion Economy Adam Davidson argues that our current century is one where people set up businesses that centre around their passions.

Spotify lost the equivalent of $2.2m every day in 2020… as it spent over $1bn on sales and marketing in the
MBW shines the spotlight on SPOT’s 2020 fiscal results — on the black ink… and the red ink…

The Pandemic Could Have Hurt Country Music. Instead, the Genre Is
Streaming numbers have unexpectedly skyrocketed for the country genre, which had long lagged behind other genres, as a new generation of stars breaks through.

Sirius XM Launches Exclusive Channels from Armin van Buuren and Steve
The two mammoth EDM stars join Diplo in receiving their own Sirius XM channels.

20th anniversary edition of J Dilla’s ‘Welcome 2 Detroit’ hits streaming
A special 20th anniversary edition of J Dilla’s “Welcome 2 Detroit” was released to streaming services on Friday.

What are Pandora Modes? Here’s how to use the music streaming app’s customized listening
Pandora Modes lets you customize your listening experience with different versions of a station, like an artist’s latest tracks or lesser-known songs.

Beatport is Expanding its Bass
Beatport is expanding its bass sections with three new genre pages: 140 / Deep Dubstep / Grime, Bass / Club, and Breaks / Breakbeat / UK Bass.

Rolling Stone Launches Video Channel on Amazon’s

The service, to be called “Rolling Stone on Twitch,” will go live March 1, and will broadcast for several hours a day, five days a wee.

Spotify has bigger issues than slower

Skilled composers keep an audience interested by leaving unresolved tension in the music.

Blur drummer David Rowntree: ‘Music streaming hits songwriters and artists’
David Rowntree warned if streaming is not reformed it could be “terminal” for the music industry.

Roon 1.8 Arrives with New Interface Changes to Make Your Music Streaming Experience

Roon releases software update that significantly improves personalization and music discovery, especially when streaming from TIDAL and Qobuz.

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