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Unbundling The Song; What Elon Musk Got Wrong About the Music Industry

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Unbundling The Song: Inside The Next Wave Of Recorded Music’s
Napster and iTunes ungrouped albums into individual tracks for sale and exchange; streaming platforms like Spotify regrouped these tracks into the newly-ordered format of a playlist. In the unbundling forces underlying music’s technological disruption, the song itself is next.

What Elon Musk got wrong about the music
This week, Elon Musk weighed in on a much debated question: Are artists getting ripped off by big streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music? He says yes.

Why Can’t Anyone Figure Out How To Make A Social Music App?
Amid all that conversation about “This Is America”, which took place seemingly everywhere online and beyond, it’s a good time to ask what it might take to create a social-media app that adequately convenes and collects our conversations about one of our central obsessions, music.

Douban FM is Fighting the Music Streaming Wars with Innovation and an Artist-First

The streaming wars might be fought by titans, but there is also a team in this space that puts its focus on artists, diehard fans, and users who might want to learn about music made with a bit less superficial shine.

Royal wedding performers enjoy streaming
Teenage cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason has enjoyed a massive increase in global streams after his moving performance at the royal wedding, Spotify has said.

Great Escape: How Streaming Helped Organizers Put Forth the Best New
Great Escape’s talent booker explains that indie music was once in vogue, but the popularity of streaming has changed that call for genre-specific events.

Did Tidal Really Fake Kanye And Beyoncé’s Streaming Numbers?
A Norwegian language newspaper claims that it has data that shows that popular high-fidelity streaming service Tidal manipulated listening data for two of its biggest artists, generating bigger streaming payouts for the artists. The evidence posed, if true, is compelling, but Tidal is vehemently fighting the claims.

In the battle for online music, YouTube enters a crowded
YouTube will split its premium service in two, creating a music-streaming service called YouTube Music and another for its original video content called YouTube Premium.

Spotify, Apple Music and The Future Of Ad Supported
Musicians and labels have long been skeptical of Spotify’s free ad-supported tier, primarily because returns a lower per stream rate than Spotify’s, Apple Music’s or other paid subscription tiers.

How Toronto Became Hip-Hop’s Multicultural Creative Nerve
Toronto hip-hop and R&B talent pool remains as deep as ever, thanks in no small part to Drake and The Weeknd, but also many newcomers.

‘There will be a number one song that’s 100% AI-written’
The Great Escape in Brighton is one of the UK’s best showcases for new artists, but it’s also a chance for the industry to discuss some of the new technologies that could have an impact on those musicians’ careers.

iHeartMedia Develops Digital-Like Analytics Suite For Broadcast
iHeartMedia Develops Digital-Like Analytics Suite For Broadcast Radio — 05/18/2018



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