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VR + the Live Music Experience; Amazon Music App Now Hands-Free with Alexa; Spotify Adjusts Its Anti-Hate Policy

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Is Virtual Reality About to Transform the Way We Experience Live Music?
I stood in a small room with a headset and felt like I was on stage with Fall Out Boy. Kind of.

Is Spotify Walking Back Its Anti-Hate Policy?
Spotify will begin walking back its controversial decision to ban certain artists from playlists based on their “hateful conduct” and will “eventually restore songs” by rapper XXXTentacion, according to a report on Bloomberg.

YouTube Music will eventually get Google Play Music’s best features, including user
The new YouTube Music subscription service will eventually allow users to upload tracks to their personal collection — just like Google Play Music.

Techstars Music Accelerator offers 10 visions of the

The Techstars Music Accelerator 2018 in Los Angeles saw ten start-ups presenting their ideas to investors and the music industry.

Should Spotify windfall lead majors to cancel unrecouped debts for artists?
Musician Tom Gray of British band Gomez — currently firing up crowds on the 20th anniversary tour celebrating their ‘Bring It On’ album — has an idea for major labels about how to follow up their windfalls from Spotify’s public listing.

Bruce Dickinson: Record Companies Were Too Arrogant, Old & Slow to Understand the Impact of
‘The record companies were making a lot of money for not doing very much,’ Iron Maiden singer says.

Amazon Music App Is Now Hands-Free With

Amazon announced the Echo’s ‘wake word’ technology has been fully integrated into its Amazon Music mobile app — meaning that users can now listen to music, completely hands-free.

Yonder Music is back with free unlimited music

Two months ago, Celcom’s free unlimited music service partner, Yonder Music, was suspended without prior notice.

Does Spotify’s chart on Sunday differ from the rest of the week?
Looking at my own listening behavior I often acknowledge that I tend to have different preferences on Sundays compared to the rest of the week.

These are the best podcasts and videos about
Instead of seeking out critics’ reviews, many music lovers want to hear about how songs work. Enter the music explainer.

Pandora’s new Family Plan supports 6 accounts for $15 per
Pandora has introduced a new Premium Family Plan. This plan gives the benefits of a Pandora account to up to six people for $14.99 a month. It is similar to family plans offered by both Spotify and Google Play Music.

Is the EP a Relevant Format in Today’s Music Climate?
With Nine Inch Nails having their reasons for making their new 30-minute release a full length and not an EP, we answer five questions about the format.



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