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WarpSound Launches The Lab with Experiments for Music Play, Plus New Perks For WVRPS Holders

WarpSound has been exploring new forms of music play and interaction in The Lab.

The Lab houses a variety of prototypes that encourage the WarpSound community to test and play. The community’s valuable feedback will help WarpSound to eventually mature these tests into interactive metaverse music offerings.

The first experiment, The Mutatinator, features WarpSound virtual artist, DJ Dragoon, and lets users poke, pull, and prod him to mutate his music in real-time. For example, tugging his nose adds more energy to the music, and yanking his tongue adds more crunch.

The next experiment to be unveiled, SongSphere, will reimagine the soundboard and offer users novel ways to interact with and configure the stems of a song.

New experiments are being rolled out regularly in The Lab.

In addition to experiments in The Lab and weekly AI-composed WarpSound album drops on Audius, WVRPS NFT holders now have access to even more perks and experiments.

WVRPS is proud to be one of the first communities to offer their holders additional value via exclusive perks in Perk Shop. Once a holder connects their wallet, they have access to ever-changing unique rewards, such as merch and NFT giveaways, experiences, discounts and more (perks are updated regularly). Some perks are open to all holders, while others are tied to specific NFT traits.

First tested at WarpSound Rarity Room at NFT.NYC, WarpSynth is now available for Mythical WVRP holders. With WarpSynth, holders can collaborate with their NFT to live-mint a new music + art collectible for the first time. The new collectible, a WVRPSynth, includes a full AI-composed song in high-quality WAV format, web and print-ready images, and MP4 videos. In the coming weeks, WarpSynth will be available for Legendary WVRP holders.

“Each of these experiments with our community are stepping stones to fully realizing the potential of new generative tools to bring virtual audiences closer to our first and most powerful language–music,” says Chris McGarry, CEO of Authentic Artists. “They will help us to invent new shared music experiences for virtual worlds that are groundbreaking, limitless, and fulfilling.”

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