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What the Music Biz Can Learn from Gaming, Gambling; Amuse Nabs $15.5M Funding; Spotify Launches Video Series for Artists

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What the Music Industry Can Learn from Gaming and
It’s been suggested that the music industry can triple earnings in the coming decades if they adapt the strategy used by gambling and gaming companies.

Amuse Raises $15.5M for Free Music Distribution Service & Next Generation Record
Next generation record label and music distributor Amuse has announced $15.5 million raised in a Series A round that was co-led by Lakestar and Raine Ventures.

Spotify Launches New Video Series Teaching Artists How to Better Use Platform, Navigate Music
Spotify launched a new video series called ‘The Game Plan’ on Wednesday geared towards teaching artists and their teams how too better use the streaming service and advance their careers in the music industry.

Blockchain Makes The Right Noises For Music
Gareth Emery is one of the world’s top DJs, and his interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain tech goes back to 2013. He sees smart contracts as a way to empower musicians, and to eliminate the opaque contracts and unfair payment practices that dominate the music biz today.

Which platform did Koreans choose as their favorite for music streaming?
According to the Korea Internet Corporations Association’s research, the most preferred music streaming platform among Korean netizens is none other t…

Licensing Hub ICE Signs New Content Deal with
One-stop pan-European online rights hub ICE has signed a multi-territory license with Mixcloud, the world’s fastest-growing audio streaming platform.

Why Spotify keeps giving away more music
Shoring up the music service’s free tier not only beefs up the pipeline for premium users, but makes it a stronger choice in developing economies and keeps it a step ahead of Apple Music in mature economies.

Inside YouTube’s New Subscription Music Streaming
After years of false starts and months of rumors, YouTube’s new subscription music streaming service — aptly titled YouTube Music — has finally arrived.

Spotify Wins Approval of $112.5 Million Deal to Settle Copyright Class
As U.S. Congress nears passage of the first significant music licensing reform in decades, Spotify is breathing easier after a federal judge on Tuesday granted final approval to a class action settlement on the copyright front.

Music copyright infringement tracking, reporting software in beta
Music copyright infringement tracking, reporting software in beta test that will help musical works rights holders to accurately collect royalties.

7 Innovations in Audio
Digital audio files were generally distributed through Web pages in the days of “webcasting” that preceded podcasting. In late 2003, Dave Winer began wrapping audio in an RSS feed and Adam Curry…

From Player Pianos to Paper Notices: A Modern Update to Music Licensing Is Long
Rarely does a century-old musical instrument drive policy in Washington, but that’s exactly what’s happening in the music community at this moment.



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