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What’s Next for Lockdown Live Music?; Record Labels Adapt to New World; Google Play Gets Busy Migrating Users to YouTube Music

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What’s Next for Lockdown Live Music? Pay-Per-View Tours, Crowdless Concerts, Virtual Merch and
Despite talk of concerts returning on a small scale, the months ahead will see pay-per-view tours, crowdless gigs and more livestreams.

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Get a Move On: Google Play Gets Busy Migrating Users to YouTube
As Google looks to phase out its music streaming service Google Play by the end of the year, it has begun the process of migrating users over to the Google-owned YouTube Music.


To Get a Record Deal Right Now, You’d Better Ooze Presence Over

Record labels are being forced to adapt — and to raise the bar on artist signings. “I’m really normally more of a ‘feeling’ guy, but this is forcing me to pay a lot more attention to the analytics,” says one A&R.

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WME Global Head of Music Marc Geiger Shoots Down Rumor He’s Headed to
WME’s Marc Geiger, the agency’s top music executive, shoots down a rumor that he’s headed to Spotify.

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Sony’s Music Operations Post Nearly 40% Gain in Operating Income as Streaming Revenue
Take visual medium/platform out of the equation and Sony’s music operations grew 12.4% to ¥157.12 billion yen ($1.441 billion) versus ¥139.8 billion yen ($1.27 billion), largely on the strength of a 26% surge in streaming revenue.

Siriusxm 360l 725

SiriusXM Will Debut New Hybrid Radio System in Audi

Entertainment platform includes on-demand functionality.

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Beatchain’s New Mobile App Opens Window on World of Music Data,

Independent artists are driving music industry growth. They need every tool they can to understand what’s happening with their music — who’s streaming where, what’s up with their social following — yet often those tools are buried in a dozen dashboards.


The rise and fall of the Apple iPod, from original to iPod
The iPod went from being Apple’s hit product to being basically nonexistent, with only the latest iPod touch launch in 2019.

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Rights And Royalty Management: Taming The Digital Supply Chain Headache For Record
The music industry is experiencing the “good old days” again. But such growth comes at a cost: supply chain complexity and massive volumes of data.

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12 affordable music tech products that will keep you inspired at
If lockdown is stifling your creativity, here are some tools that will get those ideas flowing freely

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A subscription service for guitarists? Guitar Crate has made it a

In the latest episode of Cooking with Sound, Paul and Alan take an in-depth look at the service, and unbox and demo their own surprise pedal.


Music-streaming services booming in the
People over the age of 55 are now the fastest-growing group of new users on music-streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Prime Music and YouTube Music.

Screen shot 2020 05 12 at 12.08.14 pm e1589256623953

Tencent Music bets on China’s crowded audio content

Listeners of podcasts, audiobooks and other audio shows are estimated to number 542 million in China this year, according to a third-party survey by marketing firm iiMedia.

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Prince breaks ground with new channel on
The new Prince Channel is SiriusXM’s first devoted solely to one artist of color. And it’s free this month.

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