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When Artists Don’t Stream; Spotify + Apple Watch; Streaming to Overtake Physical Music Sales in the UK

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What Happens to the Legacy of Artists Who Ditch Streaming?
Jay Z has removed all of his music from streaming platforms besides Tidal — what happens to the legacy of artists like him who bail on the internet’s preferred music method?

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Official Spotify app coming to Apple Watch with help from third-party
Popular music service Spotify will finally be coming to the Apple Watch in the near future via an official app, developed in conjunction with the creator of a third-party client, Snowy.

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Streaming Music Now Dominates the Music Industry, and AI is a Key Growth Driver
According to data from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), streaming music now contributes the majority of the music industry’s revenues.

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IBM Blockchain Focuses On Music Rights Protection In New
A group of international music rights distributors have joined forces in a Blockchain project which they say “tackle long-standing issues.”

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Streaming set to overtake physical music sales in the
Music streaming is set to overtake physical sales as the biggest generator of income for the UK record industry, it has been reported.


Zane Lowe: Beats 1 is “not built for the passive music fan”
Zane Lowe is undeniably one of music’s most important voices. From being BBC Radio 1’s “tastemaker-in-charge” for fresh, cutting-edge music to


Streaming leads music sales boom in Sweden as vinyl
Sweden saw a 6.2 percent increase in music sales during 2016, and in the country that gave the world Spotify, it’s perhaps no surprise that streaming services are leading the charge.


This New App Is Strictly For Streaming Gospel Music
Nathaniel Bassey, Sammie Okposo and Frank Edwards’ music in one place!

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8 companies that are coupling AI with
Be it art, literature or music, we have come across, or even used AI directly or indirectly to explore creative opportunities

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If Streaming Is Making Labels Rich, Why Are Artists Still Poor?
Artists have long complained about poor royalty payments from streaming platforms. Yet, the CEO of BMG says that labels should pay out more and not less.

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The Growth of Bluetooth
Win Cramer, the CEO of JLab Audio looks back at how Bluetooth has transformed the audio industry for consumers, retailers, and manufacturers.

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Did SiriusXM Pull a Fast One on Major Record Labels in a Deal With Suing Indie Musicians?
The satcaster confronts allegations from the RIAA, SAG-AFTRA and others that it gratuitously included language in its Flo & Eddie settlement with an eye towards winning future royalty rate-setting proceedings.


Spotify’s VP of design on being data aware, debating your ideas and being heard

Rochelle King is the VP of Design and Insights at Spotify.




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Platform & Stream

Daily Digest of Music Streaming News

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