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When Will China or India Have a Global Streaming Hit?; Spotify Reveals ‘Game Of Thrones’ Listening Trends

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When Will China or India Have a Global Streaming Hit?
With streaming services making headway in these two key countries, there’s a good chance their regional styles could reach the American charts, a la Latin hip-hop.

Spotify Reveals ‘Game Of Thrones’ Listening Trends, Shares Revamped ‘The End Is Coming’
Ahead of Sunday’s Season 8 premiere, Spotify shared listening trends related to Game Of Thrones, as well as an updated playlist titled “The End Is Coming” on Tuesday (April 9).

The golden age of YouTube is
The platform was built on the backs of independent creators, but now YouTube is abandoning them for more traditional content.

How Will Radio Fare In The Battle For The Fourth Screen?
The automotive and tech industries are entangled in how the dashboard will look. Radio’s fate may hang in the balance.

Spotify’s Secret Genius Songwriters Pen Open Letter to Daniel Ek Over Royalty Rate Appeal: ‘You Have Used Us’

In 2017, Spotify launched its inaugural Secret Genius Awards, an annual event to honor the songwriters and producers behind some of the streaming platform’s most-played songs. Some of their honorees, however, are now speaking out about something that has been much less celebrated.

Godsmack Drummer Says Band Makes No Money From Streaming, But Has No Problem With Constant
‘The only reason I mention that is because you need money to push this forward in the Godsmack way,’ drummer Shannon Larkin says.

Spotify’s New Personalized Playlists May Impact Where Your Music

Appearing on one of Spotify’s playlists has, in many ways, become the Holy Grail of the music industry for up and coming artists, but doing so could soon get harder, thanks to the platform’s rollout of its ‘personalized playlists’.

How Fans Are Building A Vibrant Gimme Radio

In this piece, Jon Maples explains how the principles and process behind the unique radio streaming app Gimme Radio have given rise to a successful listening platform, home to a vibrant social community.

7 Mac Apps for a Better Spotify and Apple Music
If you listen to Spotify or Apple Music on your Mac, you need to check out these apps that make music streaming even better.

Billie Eilish proves that albums still thrive in the age of music
They say streaming has changed the value of the album but Billie Eilish has shown they still thrive when done right.

Ikea, Sonos Unveil Their First Two Smart Speakers, Starting at $
A $99 speaker can be used as a shelf, whereas a $179 model doubles as a lamp.



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