Where Exactly Do Those Spotify Playlists Come From?

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Ever Wondered Where Exactly Those Spotify Playlists Come From? — www.irishtimes.com

When such track collections as Christmas Party, or Songs For Sleeping appear in your app, James Foley is probably responsible. As a senior editor for Spotify, Foley’s job involves listening and curating music to an audience of mostly one (at a time). His job did not exist 10 years ago.

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Shaking Up The Music Industry With The Blockchain — www.ethnews.com 
 Innovative music cooperatives are solving the inefficiencies of the music industry by reshaping ways artists can monetize and distribute their music. December 13th 2016


Streams ahead: the artists who made it huge without radio support — www.theguardian.com 
 Thanks to Spotify, Apple Music and co, musicians such as Glass Animals and Anne-Marie can go global without radio support. But can they convert streaming stats into fans?

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What Song Is This? Snapchat Has the Answer — www.digitalmusicnews.com 
 What song is this? Now, Snapchat can now identify any song playing in your surrounding. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

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Snapchat Users Can Shazam Songs Without Leaving the Messaging App — www.billboard.com 
 Going viral has just gotten easier, as the result of a partnership between Shazam and Snapchat. With today’s new release of the popular messaging app, users can now launch Shazam’s music recognition technology and share songs without leaving Snapchat.

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The global music copyright business is worth more than you think — and grew by nearly $1bn last year — www.musicbusinessworldwide.com

How much is the global music business really worth? The regularly-cited answer to that question: $15bn.

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STARZ Streaming Now Offers Spotify Integration — www.highdefdigest.com

The video streaming platform now includes access to Spotify tracks from its series and films.


Streaming sales may be music’s saving grace: Local musicians — www.metronews.ca 
 Music revenue rebounded in 2016, due largely to the growth of streaming services. Are consumers ready to pay for music again?