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Where Will Sirius XM Be in 1 Year?; Is Streaming the Best Music Delivery System? Why the Music Industry Needs Bytedance to Disrupt It


Where Will Sirius XM Be in 1 Year?
The satellite radio giant is moving higher again in 2019, but 2020 will be more challenging.

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Is Streaming the Best Music Delivery System?

Paul Wilson looks at streaming in an alternative way.


Why the Music Industry Needs Bytedance to Disrupt
Bytedance is set to launch a music subscription service in emerging markets. It could be exactly what the streaming market needs.


Lizzo’s Eight Grammy Nominations Are a Triumph for Music

Lizzo is the most-nominated artist for the 2020 Grammy Awards, largely thanks to a song she released in 2017. How did that happen?

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How Pandora Mastered The Art Of Personalization — At
Pandora, a leading music and podcast discovery platform, is on a mission to provide a highly-personalized listening experience to its users. However, that personalization…

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What Do the Music Industry and Netflix Have in Common? The Slowing Streaming
Streaming is responsible for massive revenue gains in the music industry in recent years. I was pleased to report in my recent article that overall music consumption in the first half of 2018 hit…

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Spotify Needs To Make A Decision About Its Future, Based On Whether It Actually Believes Its Own Mission

Of all the buzz that Spotify continues to amass as a leading music-streaming service, one problem that virtually no one in the music business has discussed yet is the gaping hole between Spotify’s oft-trumpeted mission statement and its actual business model.


Mixmstr mobile game wants to generate revenues for
Players can buy virtual gems to spend within the gameplay, and they can also buy music packs — among those listed on the App Store

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The Music (Streaming) Scene Is About To Get More
Competition is fierce in the field of music streaming, as demonstrated by recent data from Spotify and a move by ByteDance.

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Spotify: Your Art Has the Power to Move by

The ‘Your Art Has The Power To Move’ campaign for Spotify for Artists’ new format Canvas allows artists to upload 8-second looping visuals that play with every track.

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Competing Publishing Industry Wishes, Concerns Give DOJ Plenty to Ponder In Consent Decree
Publishers, songwriters and performance rights organizations are at odds over other aspects of the DOJ’s consent decree review beyond the danger of potential unwanted legislation coming from the publishers’ request for the selective withdrawal of digital rights from ASCAP and BMI’s blanket licenses.

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