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Why Amazon Music is Making a Merch Push; LyricFind, Kanjian Music Team Up; Apple Music ‘Saylists’ Help with Speech Issues

Why Amazon Music is making a merch
Amazon is integrating merchandise more deeply into Amazon Music, the company’s music streaming app.

LyricFind Partners with China’s Kanjian

LyricFind, the global pioneer in lyric licensing, announces a partnership with Kanjian Music, China’s leading music services company. Kanjian will become LyricFind’s sole sales representative in China.

Apple Music ‘saylists’ to help with speech
The project, from Warner Music, aims to use lyrics to help young people learn tricky sounds.

In A Year Without Live Music, Streaming, NFTs Fuel Industry
The international recorded music market expanded by 7.4 percent last year while much of the globe was on lockdown and live, in-person music was not available.

Spotify Comedy Podcasts Star Fred Armisen, Michael Ian Black and
Spotify announced three original comedy podcasts, including a scripted show from “Saturday Night Live” alum Fred Armisen.

The case for

Streaming is a classic natural monopoly, in which fixed costs (the price of servers, web developers, and especially rights to music) vastly exceed the marginal costs (the price of sending one song over the internet).

Spotify Strikes a Chord With
Why Spotify’s launch is a win for the listeners and musicians in Pakistan.

Merlin and NetEase Cloud Music expand strategic
NetEase Cloud Music and Merlin have extended their strategic partnership in China to include a wider range of cooperation.

Audible Reality to Integrate Pandora, Launch AR Pro, Add Producer/Artist Dee Mad

Audible Reality — an audio app for iOS and Android — launched last August with its patented ‘Vibes’ which allows listeners to control how they experience music, scrolling through AR’s preset Vibes or artist created Vibes, much like Instagram filters, adjust the pictures you take.

IMPALA proposes 10-point plan to make the most of streaming, grow the music market in a fair

The Brussels-based organization IMPALA — which represents independent music companies — recently debuted a ten-point plan aimed at making the most of streaming, and addressing a need to grow the market in a way which fairly benefits stakeholders in the recorded music business.

Sony brings 3D audio to your living room with the 360 Reality
Sony has been innovating in the world of immersive audio for a while, but just stepped it up a notch with their 360 Reality Audio Speaker.

Why Broadcast Listening Is Down, But Streaming Is
Super Bowl LV television viewership was down, but video streaming the game set new records.

Sony Music Publishing South Africa signs global deal with Gallo
Sony Music Publishing will provide its services to Gallo Music Publishers’ extensive catalogue of songs and create new opportunities for its compositions on an international scale.

YouTube’s new tool will warn creators if they’re using copyrighted
YouTube’s new copyright tracking tool, Checks, will help creators spot and sort out copyright claim disputes before they ever publish the video. This will help creators earn as much ad revenue as possible.

Beggars Group and Gary Numan clarify streaming payouts
Recently, artist Gary Numan gave an interview to Sky News during which he talked about streaming royalties, and specifically about a small cheque.

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