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Why Spotify Has So Many Bizarre, Generic Artists; LA Music-Tech Startups Boost Biz; Data is Redefining the Role of A&R in the Music Industry


Why Spotify Has So Many Bizarre, Generic Artists Like ‘White Noise Baby Sleep’
The platform is filled with search-optimized spammers, and there’s no end in sight.


How Data is Redefining the Role of A&R in the Music Industry
While data is redefining the meaning of A&R in the music industry today, what A&Rs look for in an artist hasn’t changed much. What an A&R looks for in an artist’s data has.


The Pandemic Has Changed the Music Industry Forever. Meet the LA Music-Tech Startups Poised to Reshape
The pandemic has quieted the music industry, but a handful of Los Angeles-based tech startups are poised to keep up the melody — providing musicians everything from socially-distanced collaborative recording to back-office accounting — and bring new energy and innovation to an industry in need.

Stephen cooper warner music group

Warner Music chief looking past streaming for revenue

“When [WMG owner] Access acquired Warner, we saw the future in streaming, and we invested very heavily in that area,”

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Spotify CEO to invest over $1 billion of his own wealth for ‘moonshot’ bets in
Daniel Ek said he would use the funds to make “moonshot” bets in the continent, focusing on deep technology.


How online music company Bandcamp became the toast of the COVID

The platform, with its artist-first business model, has since its birth in 2008 become a player in the music streaming wars by celebrating niche communities while promising a radically transparent approach to royalties.

The weeknd 2020 cr pari dukovic billboard 1548 1593528016 1024x677

The Weeknd Just Put This Fan Favorite Track Back on Streaming
The Weeknd announced on Friday (Sept. 25) that he’s returned his 2014 track “King of the Fall” to streaming services.

Generic music image 4

Streaming panel calls for more innovation from DSPs and
Are the big music streaming services too similar to one another? And if so, how can they break out of that box to innovate and differentiate themselves?

Screenshot 2019 03 22 at 13.34.52

AI music startup Endel raises $5m Series A funding

Endel has been one of the higher-profile startups exploring AI-generated music: in its case, focusing on its application as music to help people concentrate, relax and sleep.

Spotify paid subscribers hit 130m

Spotify isn’t trying to take over podcasting, but rather become the YouTube of
With Spotify Podcasts, Spotify wants to become the Youtube of the audio industry to dominate programmatic advertising by locking shows in.

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CISAC launches upgraded global music identifier
The upgrade of the ISWC could not come at a more timely moment for songwriters and composers.’

Brene brown

Brené Brown Inks Exclusive Spotify Podcast
Dr. Brené Brown is launching a new podcast exclusively on Spotify, and her existing show will move over to the platform in early 2021.

How to sell more merch during your live streams

How To Sell More Merch During Your Live
Without live shows, live streams are keeping merch sales going strong. To help you out, here’s how to sell more merch during your own live streams.

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