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Why the Music Industry Must Think Big About Livestreaming; Is Music Streaming Bad for Musicians?; Totally Mexico: Deezer Reports Strong Growth

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Why the music industry must think big about

The CEO of Kiswe, which provided the tech for BTS’ record-breaking digital concert earlier this year, on the future of shows in screens.

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Is music streaming bad for musicians? Problems of evidence and

Great controversy has surrounded the growth of the music streaming services that are now central to the music industries internationally.

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Inside The Mind Of Spotify CEO Daniel

Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek sat down for an extensive interview with best-selling author and podcaster Tim Ferriss.


Totally Mexico: Deezer reports strong growth in
Latin America has long been one of Deezer’s strongest territories outside its homeland France.


Shazam brings song recognition to the web alongside new design on
The browser tool is in beta and available only on macOS and Chrome OS.


Apple is shutting down its Music Memos recording
Apple is shutting down its Music Memos app and prompting users to export their recordings to Voice Memos.

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Voice technology: convenience will come at a cost. Are we prepared to pay it?
Voice tech is here — in our pockets, homes and workplaces — but we need to think about the consquences for privacy and trust.

Spotify 2020 wrapped artist quiz

Spotify Wrapped: How Its Stats & Features Have Changed Over The
Spotify’s 2020 Wrapped has rolled out and it’s the most feature-packed yet, a world away from when the concept was first launched.

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How I Got Hundreds Of Spotify Streams, Email Addresses For Under $

Here independent musician Anne Reburn walks us through how she was able to dramatically grow her audience for less than $50 as part of a marketing campaign surrounding her latest.

Apple music iphone

More animation features added to Apple Music & YouTube

Apple Music is expected to introduce animated album covers this week, after already introducing it in the beta versions of iOS 14.3 and macOS 11.1.

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Spotify just invented AI technology that will police songwriter
Spotify’s in-house AI expert, François Pachet, is a co-founder of the new technology, now being reviewed for a European patent…

The weeknd

The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ takes crown as most-played song on Aussie

The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ from Universal was easily the most-played song on Aussie radio this year, generating over 30,000 spins between January 1 and December 8.

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SyncFloor Expands Team with Addition of David

SyncFloor, the innovative sync marketplace for commercial music, has hired David Rojas to lead its business development efforts.

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Trusted Apps for Recording Streaming
trusted apps to record your favorite radio shows when you want to listen to them later.

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