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Wilco to Debut WilcoWorld Radio; Pandora Announces Restructuring Plans

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Wilco Announces Upcoming Launch Of WilcoWorld
On Friday, Chicago-based Americana act Wilco will launch WilcoWorld Radio featuring 10 hours of original content.


Prince Pre-Dates iTunes With ‘Cybersingle’
Prince released a free download in 2000 called Cybersingle, getting a leg up on iTunes that launched the following year.

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Pandora Announces Restructuring Plans: Reduce Workforce, Focus on Ad-Tech & Audience
Pandora announced Wednesday it is implementing a restructuring that will reduce its work force by 5 percent and take other cost-saving measures to generate annualized savings of about $45 million to adjusted earnings before interested, taxes, depreciation and amortization.


How to Be a Responsible Music Fan in the Age of
Musician and writer Damon Krukowski explains how streaming services are failing artists and listeners, and what we can do to fight back.

Spotify stations

Spotify Stations App for Leanback Listening Released for
Stations promises free music without much manual intervention.

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Why Building More Rights Databases Won’t Solve The Music Industry Metadata
Niclas Molinder takes a long look at the music industry’s ongoing metadata problem and how the music industry as a whole needs to wake up and shift its focus if they hope to solve the issue effectively.

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Tencent, Sony Launch Liquid State Electronic Dance Music
Sony Music Entertainment and China’s Tencent jointly launch Liquid State, a new music label specializing in electronic dance music (EDM).

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SiriusXM Ends 2017 With 32.7 Million Subs, Swings to Quarterly
Satellite radio giant SiriusXM, home of Howard Stern, on Wednesday reported a swing to a fourth-quarter loss on special charges as it continued to add subscribers.


SKT plans music streaming

SK Telecom is partnering with three major entertainment companies in Korea to launch a new music streaming platform to rival existing services like Melon and Genie Music, the company said Wednesday.

Def leppard

Joe Elliott of Def Leppard talks streaming, Hysteria and label
When you have sold over 100m albums and shift more tickets today than you did in your supposed peak, like Def Leppard do, you’re not hurting for money.

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Yonder: On The Rise Music Streamer You’ve Never
From the ashes of the Beyond Oblivion, the flashy yet unlaunched $174 million music tech startup, comes Yonder, a free music service that’s gaining traction, in large part because it is building in markets that are off streaming’s beaten track.


Spotify Is Dramatically Changing the Rules for Remixers — Here’s the First Big
Spotify stated in a blog post that remixers will now receive credit for their remixes by having the streams count towards their monthly listeners.



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