Will the iPod Return in 2019?; Apple Music on Amazon Fire TV; The Role of Data Metrics for Independent Artists

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Will the iPod return in 2019? — techcrunch.com

2019 could mark a sort of return for the final iteration of the beloved music device — which, toward the end more closely resembled a cellular-free iPhone than any of its predecessors.


Apple Music is on Amazon Fire TV — www.engadget.com 
 Apple Music users in the US can now listen to their tracks on Amazon Fire TVs (or sticks). The news comes only months after Apple Music became available on Echo…

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The Role of Data Metrics for Independent Artists — www.thembj.org

Since the rise of social media and other online platforms like YouTube and Facebook, artists have been able to reach their audiences with more ease and efficiency than ever thought possible.


SoundCloud expands partnership with Global-owned DAX to Canada — www.musicbusinessworldwide.com 
 DAX is already SoundCloud’s exclusive sales partner in the UK


Happy birthday, the internet. Here are 30 ways you changed music forever — www.nme.com

If you grew up during or before the early noughties, the words ‘dial-up’ will strike you with one of two emotions: either extreme dread or the rosy twang of nostalgia. Back then, going on the internet was a laborious undertaking.

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Why do musicians keep using Pornhub as a streaming service? — hhhhappy.com 
 Pornhub, albeit a fantastic alternative destination for banned music like Drill, often isn’t an alternative at all, but the first place artists go to publish their work.

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What’s Next For Playlist Innovation? — www.midiaresearch.com 
 In this era of access to all music and everything about it, I do enjoy reading artist interviews, and pay attention to artists’ views on the modern music industry. What…

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The key factors behind K-pop’s global success — qz.com 
 For decades K-pop has thrived in Asian markets and places like Latin America. But there was always one pop market it couldn’t quite penetrate — the US — until now.

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Spotify Celebrates First Anniversary In South Africa After Coming “Home” — www.forbes.com

Spotify — the streaming service which has just filed a complaint against Apple with the European competition authorities — is celebrating its first year in Africa.

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Can Radio Achieve Brand Intimacy? — jacobsmedia.com 
 There are companies we feel we can’t live without, but there are others that achieve brand intimacy.

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Spotify CEO blasts Apple’s ‘unfair’ policies that forces a ‘tax’ on rival subscription services — www.cnbc.com 
 Music streaming giant Spotify filed a complaint against Apple with the European Commission’s antitrust regulators.

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2018 Global Label Market Share: Stream Engine — musicindustryblog.wordpress.com

Recorded music revenues grew in 2018 for the fourth consecutive year, reaching $18.8 billion, up $2.2 billion from 2017. Streaming was the engine room of growth, up 30% year on year to reach $9.6 billion.


Pandora offers more granular targeting, including smart speaker-specific ads — www.mobilemarketer.com

Pandora is letting advertisers target more specific device types with their messages, including voice-powered smart speakers like Google Home or Amazon Echo, along with gaming consoles and smart TVs.