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Will The Major Labels Survive Another Music Revolution?; Nashville Songwriters Flocking to New App

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Will The Major Labels Survive Another Music Revolution?
The major music labels have rolled nicely into the streaming era, but an upcoming artist revolution might not be so kind to their future.

We Should Write Sometime: Why Nashville Songwriters Are Flocking to This
For songwriters, finding the perfect co-writer can feel a lot like dating. Now there’s an app for that: We Should Write Sometime.

All hymns, all the time: ‘Great Catholic Music’ makes streaming
All hymns, all the time: ‘Great Catholic Music’ makes streaming debut

Spotify Now Has More Than 2 Million Users in
Spotify India reached more than 1 million users in its first week of launch back in February and now has more than 2 million,

Is it time to rethink the music industry’s 24/7 relationship with social media?

Billie Eilish, the 17-year-old superstar who’s the epitome of a modern artist in the digital era — with nearly 15 million followers online — has, on more than one occasion, decried social media.

AI Can’t Do Jazz Because Spontaneity Is at Jazz’s
As Ted Gioia makes clear in his discussion of jazz, swirling a bit of randomness into the mix will not help.

SiriusXM Blurs the Line Between Satellite and

Since SiriusXM bought Pandora, I’ve been waiting for them to come up with some new enhancements incorporating the best of each service.

Spotify needs to scale its ad business. Can podcasts fix the problem, and if so, how?
How does Spotify’s ad revenue strategy line up with its podcast initiatives?

Report pitches ‘voice’ as the next big interface

“Importantly, this shift will go far beyond checking the weather forecast, requesting music or setting a timer,” is how the report summarises the impact of voice technology.

Music’n’meditation app Wave raises $5.7m for its

There’s another player in the music+meditation sector: Wave.

How Safe Are Your Radio Station’s Archives?
Who is saving, archiving, and protecting the recording and materials from iconic radio stations?

Sonic Comparisons — If the playing field isn’t level the conclusions will be

Steven Stone looks at some basics for useful listening comparisons.

‘Old Town Road’ Rides Again: Why Remixes Matter In The Race To A Chart
“Old Town Road” has been unstoppable since spring, but keep your eyes on the pop charts this week. A battle for №1 is coming, and there will be a story to tell no matter who wins.

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