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YouTube Music’s New ‘Discover Mix’; The Black Keys Talk Streaming Issues; Music Licensing for the Digital Age


YouTube Music counters Spotify with its own ‘Discover Mix’

Google might not have as many YouTube Music subscribers as Spotify, but it has way more software engineers.

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The Black Keys Break Down The Issue With Streaming Services To Joe
The Black Keys understand the music industry. The advent of music streaming was one of the most revolutionary changes to the music industry in the last decad…


The Consent Decree Dilemma: Music Licensing for the Digital

Over the past several years, changes in the music industry have been swift and monumental.

Stationhead logo 2019 billboard 1548

DIY Radio App Stationhead Now Lets Users Record and Archive Broadcasts, Music
Last month, Vic Mensa accepted DJ Miss Milan’s offer to drop by Stationhead headquarters in Brooklyn and appear on her do-it-yourself streaming broadcast.


How Odd Future’s Tumblr tore up the rules of music
Before Instagram existed, Tyler and his crew built their own aesthetic universe, inviting fans along for the wild ride. The music industry watched closely.


Can startup Endlesss become the TikTok of music-making?
“I wonder whether we’re experiencing the death of content. Or rather, the fall of content and the rise of relationships,” says TikTok’s Tim Exile.

Ariana grande sweetener ux 2019 live billboard 1548

2019 U.S. On-Demand Audio Streams Surpass Half-Trillion, Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ First Album to Reach 2 Billion Streams This

Year-to-date on-demand audio streams of songs have now surpassed the half-trillion mark.

Songwriter music copyright 580x387

Music Copyright Law in Search of New Standard for
Willie Nelson has famously said a country song is “three chords and the truth.” It might not be so simple anymore. A flood of lawsuits is threatening to

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5 Takeaways from LA Sync

This five-day mission consists of a broad-ranging and dynamic mix of panels, site visits, practical sessions, meetings and keynote speakers.

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After a breakout year, looking ahead to the future of
2019 has been a breakout year for podcasting. According to Edison Research’s Infinite Dial report, more than half of Americans have now listened to a podcast, and an estimated 32% listen monthly.

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Spotify Is #2 Most ‘Relevant’ Brand In US, Bose

Spotify is the second most relevant brand in the US according to the new Prophet Brand Relevance Index (BRI), a ranking of the most relevant brands of today based on consumer feedback.

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Here’s why Believe, world’s fourth largest music distributor, has entered India’s live music
Paris-based Believe has acquired Indian live music production company called Entco as it sees live music picking up pace in India

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