Let’s start to build & deploy with Cloud Run

Follow these 3 simple steps to deploy your serverless app with Google Cloud Run

  1. Any Framework
  2. Any Libraries
  1. Vertical scaling - Adding more RAM, CPU etc. when demand increases and remove RAM, CPU when demand decreases.
docker tag [image-name:version] gcr.io/[project-id]/[image-name:version]
docker push gcr.io/[project-id]/[image-name:version]
gcloud beta run deploy \ --image gcr.io/[project-id]/[image-name]
gcloud beta run deploy \ — image gcr.io/[project-id]/[image-name] — cluster=[cluster-name]


Cloud Run gives you a platform for the Dev environment. And it will take the responsibility of Operations (Ops part). Simply, it is considered a PaaS (Platform as a Service). It enables you to run stateless containers that are invocable via web requests or Cloud Pub/Sub events. It lets you choose to run your containers either fully managed with Cloud Run, or in your Google Kubernetes Engine cluster with Cloud Run on GKE.



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