Stackdriver Beta Support for Kubernetes

Google Stackdriver

What is Stackdriver?

Google Stackdriver is a Cloud computing systems management service offered by Google and it is a hybrid cloud solution, providing support for both Google Cloud and AWS cloud environments.

Stackdriver performs monitoring, recording, and diagnostics to help organizations optimize their performance and availability. The service collects performance metrics and metadata from multiple cloud accounts and allows IT teams to view this data through the control panel, graphs, and custom reports.

What’s Stackdriver Beta for Kubernetes?

Beta release of Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring is an add-on to Kubernetes 1.10.6 or 1.11.2 (or later, if available) that provides integrated monitoring and logging support with Stackdriver.

Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring provides several features such as:

Single dashboard observability : Explore your Kubernetes clusters, workloads, and services in a single Monitoring dashboard. Drill down to inspect entities including nodes, pods, namespaces, and containers.
Clear feedback : Each Kubernetes entity is marked with an icon if an incident is in progress, letting you find and focus on problems more quickly.
Easy installation : Click a single checkbox in the Kubernetes Engine Console when you create your GKE clusters, or switch support from the Stackdriver current support for GKE to the new support.
Opt-in only : This Beta is an opt-in feature for new and existing Kubernetes Engine clusters. If you do not choose to opt in, you continue to use the current Stackdriver support for GKE, as described in the Monitoring and Logging pages for Kubernetes.

How to enable?
As shown in the following diagram you can either enable the Stackdriver monitoring on your existing or new Kubernetes Cluster. Yes it is that simple and the next few diagrams shows you what you can see after you enable the monitoring.

Enabling Stackdriver Kubernetes Beta Monitoring

What can you see in Stackdriver Beta for Kubernetes?
The following diagrams depicts high level features of what Stackdriver Beta supports for Kubernetes cluster you have just enabled the logging, monitoring and alerting.

Stackdriver Kubernetes Dashboard — Infrastructure
Stackdriver Kubernetes Dashboard — Workloads

I had great contributions from Achala Dias and Tharindu Muhandiram who are now becoming Platformer team experts in Stackdriver. Let us know what else you would to write up on Stackdriver and it you liked our article please share with others and clap.